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The LIGHTGRAFF collective :


Guillaume J. Plisson - Brusk - Olivar Premier - Nomari - Supa Jay -


GUILLAUME J. PLISSON - Photographer       Photographer based in Lyon, he is a member of the « Libre Arbitre » collective. « Lightgraff » has been the theme of several exhibitions, performances and of a book, « LIGHTGRAFF « , published in November 2007. Now, he works with the artist Brusk, in the Lightgraff collective which federates skills coming from different spheres. He’d like to make this artistic research evolve.

BRUSK - Graffiti-artist




Born 1976 in Lyon. Brusk has worked on the international graffiti scene  for more than fifteen years. He has explored many urban genres and experimented on various medium from walls to canvas, clothes, installation art. He’s now the man behind the light tools, painting intricate 3D shapes…

Born in the 20th century, Olivar has been active for many years in providing technical support and R&D to various artists. Olivar Premier develops our unique light tools.

NOMARI - Film editor
Born 1974 in Nantes. Nomari is a film editor, web designer and software developer based in Lyon since 1998. He works on movies projects and communication tools for the collective.

SUPA JAY - Composer
Born 1981 in Lyon. Supa Jay is a self taught musician and an active performing and recording artist whose many talents span hip-hop, rock and Jazz (Scratch Bandits Crew, Lawaka). In all his work, he constantly searches for ways in which to link sound, image and gesture.




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