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Adrian is a self taught Australian photographer and digital artist with over 35 years experience in capturing and creating images of various types. Driven by a love of the natural world and an urge to capture the "small moment" for others to appreciate, he works mostly with landscapes, plants and animals although he will seize any opportunity to photograph what he considers an “interesting, artistic or amusing subject”. Macro – Photography is an area where Adrian’s engineering background meets his artistic eye to produce images captured with a unique perspective which are often quite intriguing.


Adrian’s photographs are mainly the canvases upon which his original and often luminographic style of digital art are constructed. He captures and emphasises the organic and fractal shapes to be found in nature, and then arranges them to express abstract concepts such as order, entropy and chaos. Adrian’s works have a unique, freethinking and visually rich style which are both thought provoking and beautiful.



Clients include public and private galleries and collections in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America

Celeste Prize 2011, Italy: Selected, shortlisted and published.

UNICEF project "Rebuilding childhood for Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip" The Roberta Smedili Association, May 2012

Contemporary Art Museum of St.Petersburg, Russia: Project Alena 2012.

Munich Germany: Luminobotanika, Group Exhibition of Luminography Society of St Petersburg and International Guest-Luminopainters. 2014.

Member of ArtNations,

Member of Light Painting World Alliance,


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