Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas

Light Painting is an artform becoming more and more popular.

During a recent visit to my summer home in Nova Scotia, I too, began to paint with light, after many decades of developing my digital painting based on nature.

I quickly discovered that this medium lent itself wonderfully to what was once called “action painting” pioneered by such people as Jackson Pollock, Bill de Kooning and many others. The term “action painting” was coined by a man I remember well, Harold Rosenberg, one of the leading critics and art writers of that era. It is very moving to me that I am carrying on a tradition founded by these great pioneers who changed the meaning of art, and whom I remember from my own early years.

I was trained by my mother, Marjorie McKee, who was part of the abstract expressionist movement in New York and had one of the last shows at Peggy Guggenheim’s gallery. I was just old enough to meet and have discussions about art with many of her now famous friends, Jackson Pollock, Bill and Elaine de Kooning, Harold Rosenberg, Harry Jackson etc.,  and her teacher, Hans Hofmann.  Most of these people rarely called themselves “artists,”  usually they referred to themselves as “painters.” So, because of the way I work and my background, I decided that “digital painter” was the most appropriate term for the digital art I make Digital art and  technology  realizes the dream of the Impressionists, to paint with light,  and creates works with more vivid colours than was possible before digital art. The  colour space of “natural” media was always dulled by the binders and admixtures necessary to hold the paint or chalk together. My digital art paintbrush is a pressure sensitive Wacom stylus and my digital paints are made of light in all the visible colours of the spectrum. I also use traditional photography tools like my medium format Rolleiflex, and large format Ebony camera. These are my  building blocks in combination with my digital skills.

So, my next development is to combine my past skills with Light painting and discover a new art medium.





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