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Alexander Kesselaar is an award winning photographer with over 15 years of professional experience from Sydney, Australia. He is one of Australia's leading Light Painting Photographers and loves pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of photography and videography. Alex owns his own photography business and in 2014 founded LightPaint Lab to offer professional Light Painting Services to corporate clients Alex was born and bred in Bremen, Germany 1977 to a Dutch father and German mother. Raised in the entertainment industry he was involved in German Television from an early age and so began his fascination of all forms of media and it's creation. After completing school, he worked in TV Production for several years. In 2000, he moved to Australia to study at the Academy of Photogenic Arts in Sydney, specialising in Editing, Video Production and Production Management. As part of the course Alex was also introduced to photography and took an immediate liking to it. Alex has been taking photos since then and never looked back. His passion, creativity and drive to achieve the best outcomes for his clients have earned him numerous accolades.

He is happily married and living Sydney with two children. The word “photography” was created from the greek roots phōtos, genitivephōs “light” and graphé “drawing”, together meaning “drawing with light”. In essence every photograph is painting with light. At Lightpaint Lab we love drawing with light and different light sources, be it LED, PixelStick, Fire, the Moon or the Sun . We have been doing this for years and are consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We love crazy ideas and solving problems for our clients.



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