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Walker Valentin or "Alias 2.0", was born near Lille in 1989, he currently resides in Drôme region Rhones Alpes, France.
He is a practicing artist entrepreneur mural painting, the picture in the field of light-painting as well as music under the name "DJ Watt's up".
Having a taste for adventure and travel he sailed for South America, Morocco and Asia in the last four years. His graphic style take shape through the calligraphy of the world, the patterns and colors of these continents so different.
Its goal: develop intercultural solidarity. Show through the mixing of different graphic styles a universal language is possible.
Unification of cultures, bridge and exchange between peoples are his motives?
The gathering of cultures through an elaborate abstraction ... while keeping its originality and impact of the original meaning of graffiti and urban art.
His approach: to participate in a culture that belongs to the street, to the landscape, build on what is offered and create with him, try to grow this crop, paint him acclaim.
In an aesthetic sense and approach to living street, curious and give the landscape a fleeting present that does not stain but exalts, makes it unique and magical.
Her style: A marriage between the landscape painting of the photographer and the imagination of the artist.
In parallel, he developed the light-painting photography adding his poetic touch, bright and unusual. He communicates his world view with this luminous paint defying reality and we projecting to new dimensions.
"The light painting is timeless yet completely Art of the moment. It encapsulates a moment, a moment is encapsulated movements, it's pretty magical." Julien Breton.
Combining the light-painting graffiti in the universe to create a new combination, Alias 2.0 creates the illusion by opening a new door to urban art.


Alias 2.0

Walker Valentin: 07 70 03 35 95

facebook: Alias 2.0


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