Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas

I've dabbled in light painting since 2000 but only really got into it seriously in 2013.  My background is working with studio models so most of my work with light painting involves humans.  i've made lots of my own light effects and love to continue to learn more from my colleagues.  I also use a lot of brushes from, especially the black fiber optic one!  I play with infrared light painting, hybrid infrared/visible spectrum shots, camera rotation, and prisms.  Always happy to jam and wish there were more light painters in Denver.  I have a home studio devoted to light painting, come play!

Attended: LPWA Rome Jam 2017

Attending: LPWA PNW Jam 2017

Hosting: Colorado Perseids Light Painting Jam August 2017


Instagram: danchickdotcom


Denver, Colorado LPWA Local Representative

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