Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas


I Lightpaint specifically to make new worlds any place I go. Initially I started Lightpainting because I work graves and and needed to find a way to shoot at night. I had done a few things with reflections and refractions the work of LAPP and other lightpainters i had seen. but it took some time to realized I had to do this all the time. Lightpainting has an instant wow factor that even your poor photos are interesting in some way. Lightpainting means all you need to take pictures is an absence of light and that is  an interesting juxtaposition on its own. When you add that to the almost limitless possibilities that waving lights around in the dark can do. I get my camera to a place and bring out the uniqueness and energy of that place and people who help me out and create a new world.


Derek Lawrence: The Graveyardworker

Instagram @graveyardworker



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