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35. Woman. Humble and empathetic. Love traveling but never forgetting where I come from. Photographer to stay true to myself, my emotions and my vision. I read a lot, watch cartoons, drink Guinness and sleep little: the night is the moment when my creativity comes to life.

Class of 1983. Italian. Female. I started photographing sports, then weddings, events, landing to breaking news on papers: a journey through the years searching for the right expressive impact. I love light and I have been studying it incessantly but, as many others, I look for something more than a subject: I try to put outside the energy I feel in my hands, in my eyes, in my heart. No editing, no graphic interventions, I am as I am: clean, raw. I need a new dimension. I walk, I try, I think: I sleep little. In a sleepless night I see some works made with luminous tubes, passionate about it and, February 2019, began to experience a new world. Light Painting Art, where the artist in front of and behind the camera it’s me. Long last. It was like pulling my head out of the water and starting to breathe for the first time after a long, long time. Myself 100% with an unmatched expressive ability. Long exposures: a tube, a torch, a tripod and a remote control. I return to pure technique, to photography that still has a lot to offer.



Diana Bovoloni
Freelance Photographer and Lightpainter
Mobile: +39 33 47 50 56 26


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