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Over the past seven years (writing 2013) I have developed a DIFFERENT method of painting with light than most Light Artist. I call my work DyerLightArt. NO computer or program was used in the creation of any DyerLightArt. What you see comes straight from the camera and was created with one push of the shutter button. Most photographers have no idea how I create most of my work although a few are simple and obvious. At this point I seem to be the only person intentionally creating this type of Light Art.

Regardless of how it was created, I hope people like the imagery on its own merit. As with most abstract work, there is no right or wrong way to look at it. Feel free to rotate and turn each image. You will see something different each way you look at it. The larger the image the more layers you will see. I sincerely hope people enjoy my work. 

About Me:

Self-taught photographer. Used photography as a hobby for 15 years before becoming a 17 year Professional. Specializing in Fashion, Hair, Beauty Pageants, Weddings and Portraits. 

Concurrently with being a professional Photographer I started my own low voltage contracting business. Once I met and married my wife, I stopped the photography. Fast forward 15 years, I missed the camera. I bought my first digital camera. After growing tired of shooting people, places and things, I started experimenting with light. I am still experimenting and learning.


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I can be reached at I live in southern California, USA.


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