Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas




Artistic Painter, Bodypainter, Lightpainter, Photographer....


President of Spanish Bodypainting Asociation.

Member of the World Bodypainting Federation.

Member of the World Lightpainting federation.

Teacher of Bodypainting for World Bodypaintig Festival. (Body Light Painting)

Event Marketing Manger for Diageo España, Legendario, Jegermaister, Fortuna Full Music (2000-2010)


World Contests Participation


World Bodypainting festival 2008 - nº 10(UV Awards). Seeboden, Austria.

World Bodypainting festival 2009 - nº 7 (UV Awards). Seeboden, Austria.

World Bodypainting festival 2010 - nº 5 (Uv Awards). Seeboden, Austria.

International Germany Bodypainting Festival 2010 - nº4. Bingen


Thailand International Bodypainting Exhibition 2011 - Koh Samui



Picture and Photography Expositions


- World Light Painting Exposition

India - 2013


"Lux" 2010-2011.

- Dover Lounge Club, Spain; 2010

- Alamos 38 galery art. Spain 2011

- Art Galery of Virginia, Ritchmond, United States, 2011

- Buddy Hotels Asia, Bangkok, Thailand, 2011


Electronic Picture Exposition 09 - Bauhaus Cafe. , Madrid Spain

Electronic Picture Exposition 08 - Bosque de Hadas. Montpellier, France

Live Performances........



"Neptunos Requiem 21"

(Spain) 2013...Museo Picasso Spain



(Austria) byl wold bodypainting festival 2012.


"The Glittering goodes"

Ko Samui (Tahiland ) Bodypainting Festival 2011


"Lux 2011" (Spain)"

Alamos 38 Galery art Pub



Seeboden (Austria) byl wold bodypainting festival 2010.


'Art Connects'

Action Painting Show whit Mike J, Shane

Seeboden (Austria) para el wold bodypainting festival 2009.




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