Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas


I'm year model 1978 and been light painting since November 2013, not too long in this great hobby and loving every minute off it! I have lived my whole life in South Africa and have moved over to Australia in March 2013, loving this country a lot! I started Light Painting with a good friend who showed me the ropes in night photography using lights and some other cool stuff. The type of images I like to take is a bit different from the usual stuff. I go out and find all the old ruins of mines, pillars etc. around the Hunter and bring them back to life with some colours and light streaks.My equipment used: Sony ICLE3000 aka A3000 camera with a Rokinon 8mm f3.5 Aspherical Fisheye Lens, remote trigger and a few torches and colour gels. EL wires, light sticks and a few different dome wheels. It's all about having great fun and capturing that perfect image!


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