Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas

Photography always played an important roll in my live and became more important with the digital technology, which also has some relations with my studied profession. With the digital photography every type of experimantal photography became much easier accessable and opened a wide field of creative photography disciplines. Especially this is my passion, because it is a special kind of arts with an wide field of artistic activities and one of these is also lightpainting or light art photography.

I am located in Germany near Hamburg and in Peru in the region of Lima. I like to work in studios and outdoors, even if I prefer outdoors because there you can find directly much more oportunities for interesting locations which you do not have to create before and spend much work in this. Please take a look at my gallery to get an idea what I am doing and if you would like to work with me. Please don't hassitate to contact me for possible cooperation, sponsoring or for your commercial or private purpose.


Jörg Schmidt


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