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Silent Shining

(Luminography by Jürgen Gnass)

Jürgen Gnass was born in Nuremberg, lives near Bamberg, is freelancing and working across Europe as light painting photographer. His passion for photography in this quite young and little-known sub-discipline called Light Painting (or: Light Painting Photography) broke out in 2008. He showed his works at the exhibitions "First Light" (2010) and "Ray of Light" (2011) in Bamberg and "WirkLichtKeit" at the Fürst Fugger Private Bank (Nuremberg, 2013) and was a proud and humbled exhibitor at the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Light Painting World Exhibitions (Moskow 2012 / Paris 2013 / Oviedo (Spain) 2014).

In 2013 he also took part at miscellaneous international exhibitions, festivals and LPWA special events in Moskow, Mumbai and Uba (Brazil). In the current year 2014 he showed some selected artworks out of his portfolio at the "Elements of Nature" and "Gogyoshi Art Project - My Fukushima" in Munich and in the LPWA special event "Waves of Shining Light" in Hong Kong. Right now he shows selected artworks at the currently running exhibition "Schokolade trifft Kunst - 25 Years Fall Of The Wall" (Berlin, 01.10.-16.11.2014) and in the upcomming LPWA special event in Aubervilliers (France, 04.-14.11.2014).

Since 2012 he is a member and local representative for Germany in the Light Painting World Alliance and a founding member of ArtNations e.V.. Recently he won the 4th prize in the 1st International Light Painting Award in October 2013.

"My ambition is to bring the place with the performance / Choreography in harmony to create a new cue or to make the object, model or the place to a new unique way perceptible. Particularly attractive is the tension between the idea in my head and the actual feasibility of a devised performance (no Photoshop ! Just out of the camera).

Playing with the different variables, such as the environmental conditions (weather, flare, clouds, terrain, etc.), the light by the moon, sunrise and sunset, the different intensities of the tools used, the success of the performance and the infuence of chance, makes the Light-Painting-Photography for me so fascinating. In addition, you have the places mostly at night alone."




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Adress: Jürgen Gnass - Bavaria - Germany
Phon: +49 (0)160 7967686

Bamberg (Franken) LPWA Local Representative

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