Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas


Life is light and motion – this is my light painting mantra. I am a portrait photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland, where I do mostly studio work. It is only at the beginning of 2018 (at age 60) that I discovered my passion for light painting. My abstract light art is best shown as large format printouts. As a portrait photographer, my ultimate goal is to fuse light art and portrait photography. My go to tools are blades combined with all sorts of light sources and modifiers as well as reflecting materials in order to obtain esthetically appealing and colorful creations. I started out with tools from Jason D. Page’s Light Painting Tools. Next, I found Patrick Rochon, The Light Painter, and his KYO system and blades. Currently, I am about to learn how to best use Eric Paré’s Virtualink soft-/hardware to produce mesmerizing light painting video clips.

Exhibitions and competition awards:

08/2018:                                                                                                               Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, USA -  “Creative Inspiration” Exhibition,                                 2nd place with “Symmetry”




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