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Lights, Camera.......................


These photographs are not 'images' in the traditional sense. They are not representative of any specific        "what"

They are simply about light the medium of a camera.

The images you see here have much more in common with the abstractions of Rothko, Flavin, or Pollock than with traditional photographs.

I am striving to take the viewer and myself to terra uncarta, uncharted territory, to a place where color and design elicit their own response.

These images are not visible to the human eye in real time or space. But by expanding time , a characteristic unique to still photographs.

It is only through the extended exposure of a single frame that the light becomes visible in these compositions.

I cannot tell you what these images are 'about.'

They are about nothing, and everything.

The physical reality of this art is something quite different from the personal experience of it.

I hope that you enjoy your experience.




About The Artist


     Peter Anger splashes light onto film and camera sensors, using the camera as his canvas.

The result : images that are at once modern and timeless,

postcards from an unexplored world.

I have been making light paintings since ~1980~



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