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Hi all! :)

I am Quinten or MotionLightSessions. MLS stands for fun, creativity and passion. As every lightpainter know, lightpainting is much more than just taking pictures. It's exciting, it's fun and you get learn new places where you otherwise never would have been. I have always had a strong passion for images, graphic design and movement. This is where it all comes together. I give workshops all around Belgium and got the finals of the Urban Crafts competition 2012. Lightpainting is what triggered me to become a photographer. 

I studied Product design and Interior design. But I am very busy right now with photography.
Also I make music and I draw and paint.

So I am a pretty busy bee. :)


I had the luck to be posted at the cool blog, Zeutch. You can see more on the following link. There you can also find a movie which was made for Urban Crafts 2012:

My personal website is
On facebook you can follow me too:


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