Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas

Hi I am based in Bali but travel extensively - I initiated the BeTheOneLight project- a collaborative photo project shot in different countries, which brings people together who have an inspiring word to share with the world. BetheOneLight has a team spread around the world, and is a collaborative project of light painters and photographers.

Through the use of nothing but a camera and a flashlight,  we ask individuals to write one word, in the language of their preference, that has inspired, touched or moved them. They express this through the medium of light writing or light painting. We then take a portrait of them next to their word.
We also ask them why they chose the word and put their story next to their photo on our website and facebook page. website
Through this participatory art experience our goal is to create a light community of words worldwide using Light as an expression.

90% of participants are first timers in light writing, from ages (7-95 years of age so far) and from different nationalities. We have over 250 words in different languages - english, french, spanish, creole, greek, slovenian, korean, hebrew, indonesian, arabic,  russian.

Your thoughts, your inspiration, your voice. Your words that shine with light…

Share your inspirational word with the world!


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