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I am an Italian photographer. My work experience began with photojournalism in Italy in February 2004 for the “Il Giornale di Sardegna” (Italian regional newspaper), then continued in 2005 for the leading newspaper “L’Unione Sarda” (Italian national newspaper).

At the same time I was working for several Italian national magazines: “La nuova Sardegna” (Sassari), “L’Adige” (Trento), “Gente” (Milan), “Novas” (Cagliari), “Cronaca Vera” (Rho) and “Il Malepeggio” (Rome).

As far as my advertising experience, I have collaborated with the Conservatory of Cagliari, the Region of Sardinia (Italy), Ardales Town Hall (Spain), Spanish Flamenco festivals and various businesses. I have worked during festivals and jazz performances, which has allowed me to create an extensive archive of great international musicians’ portraits.

In the past few years I have been living in Spain and working for the Federación Española de Bodypainting (Spanish Body Painting Federation); and after that I was been continuing my work and production in Richmond, Virginia (United States).

Now I 'm living and working in Barcelona (Spain).


Tel.: 0039 657508386

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