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" I had always wanted to do "  and now I am a beginner in light painting.

I was born in 1957 in Meerane/ Saxony and visited the polytechnic high school in Glauchau. 

After working years as an architectural draftsman I graduated a retraining as a tax adviser assistant. 
Till 2006 I was employed as an accounting clerk. 

In 2005 I started working as a freelance photographer and in late 2006 I decided to concentrate completely on my  future in arts. 

The passion for photography and my artistic design are 
deeply rooted in childhood . 

At an early age it was the artistic talent in my
small picturesque art recognize. 
My role model was Van Gogh's Sunflowers, and especially it had done to me. 
I developed a sense of figurative art and painting. 

At the age of 10 years, I was discovered the photography and the dream job "director of photography" was awakened in me, but it never came to actual implementation. 

The life circumstances permitted it to me almost 30 years, not to show my creativity and imagination implement. 

It was only with digital photography was a medium to transform my photos. 
I could now (enter using Photoshop) Photos other valences, meaning and related recreated. My goal is expressive of imagination and inspiration to create embossed works, but only so that the viewer sees immediately what I as an artist like to say. 

The photographs and objects evolve from my mind’s eye. 
An unexpected inspiration, a moment or just a word - all can trigger my fantasy and set it working. 
I wants to immerse the viewers directly into my world to leave. 
The objects and photographs are dreams put into reality. 

This is the artistic style of my soul, without a deadlock style, because that would mean for me a one way street. 
Only one style stunted the senses and 
 is no longer open to new ideas. 


And that is precisely what makes me as an artist; I have an inexhaustible source of thoughts and inspirations, which will be implemented. 
To express myself and my identity I just uses only photographs. 

I have not academic study, but through self-study and I am learned quickly, I has now a basis for her artistic talent. 
A benefit which is unfortunately not accepted high enough, but I will continue my way go with this learning. 

My numerous exhibitions and the public interest to show that my artistic activity is promising. 




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