Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas

Brian Zhang, comes from Beijing, began shooting professionally since 2010.As a professional photographer, his works lie in Light painting, Landscape, Portrait, Fashion, Architecture, ect. Brian is an active member of Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA), and he obtains strong light painting photography techniques and creativity and imbued with rich experience. His works have been published in various Chinese well-known magazines and media, such as Photographers Companion, Popular Photography. Meanwhile, he has worked with well-known photography website色影無忌) to create online light painting photography theme works and and was in charge of the light painting teaching workshops. His professional attitude and strong skills also earned trust from client like Thinkpad to work together for their commercial and brand promotion. He has been sharing his light painting photography experience online for a long while, and his works are very popular on the network.




China LPWA Local Representative

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