Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas

                               LPWA Action Plan 2012:



 1. A staged development of the LPWA web site:

     a) simple online visit card that contains the "LPWA Program" (in several languages),   announcements of future actions of the Alliance, as well as a virtual gallery of the best artworks of the LPWA members (March-April).

     b) adding the section "Artists Database," in which every light painter can register and place his portfolio  (June-July).

 2. Forming a team of local representatives (February-March).

 3. Organization of the exhibition process for the "World Light Painting Fair" (April-July).

 4. Development of educational program for light painting training; and prepare for its legalization in the official art institutions of the World (June-September).

 5. Attracting sponsors, preparing the business plan of the Alliance for sustainability phase (always).


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