Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas

              The Statute of LPWA local representatives (LReps)

We need local representatives in each large city all over the world.

First of all, they must share and want to support the LPWA's goals and objectives . They must be intelligent, responsible and serious persons. They must be fluent in english and experienced in web technologies. And, of course, they must be advanced light painters.

At first we would like to get some help from our LReps with making connections to local organizations like media and art schools, art galleries and other art societies. The LPWA is willing to receive any other assistance from its LReps.

On our part, LPWA will provide to LReps all necessary documents, copyrights and informational support to all of their actions in the interests of the Alliance.

Officially confirmed LPWA online list of LReps to be published on the website of the Alliance (also on the Facebook and Flikr pages ), where there will also be reports published on their activities.

Of course, LPWA local representative must be a registered LPWA member - by creating personal account in our official website.

If you want to be LPWA Local Representative - create your account in this site and go here to fill the form :)

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