Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas

                                        The concept of World Light Painting Exhibition


                            The radical difference of this art exhibition as compared to traditional ones is that there are no printed works. Pictures are shown on plasma screens!  Thus the most vivid (literally and figuratively) interpretation is shown and the true essence of our photos is represented like it should: with light! These images have to be shown with the help of real emitted light as prints and the effects ambient light has on them are not up to par with the living glow emanating from our photos. 

                                    Technical design of the exhibition. 

            Darkened room with dimensions, allowing to deploy about ten plasma screens. Installed on the walls are 10 plasma screens: 5 horizontal and 5 vertical (as pictures come in different formats). There are several possibilities when it comes to distributing the images across the plasma screens. It can be done with a turnkey multiscreen computer but also with laptops feeding PowerPoint presentations to each plasma or USB sticks attached to supported plasmas each playing its own slideshow. Implemented solution is dependent on local availability. Each image would be displayed for 40-60 seconds. Each slide show consists of ten shots, so the entire exhibition comprises 100 photos. Each photo has a title and is signed by the author's name. Posters with contact addresses are made visible at the exit of the exhibition. Where possible, anyone who wishes must be able to order and purchase any work from the exhibition (the conditions of such acquisition are determined by local organizers of the exhibition, after prior agreement with the authors). 

                                             Economic efficiency.

              There are no costs with printing, making frames, storage and transportation of photos. Reduced costs for the rental of showroom (by reducing its size). Added costs for the rental and installation of plasma screens and their feeds. Expenses for preparation of exhibition infrastucture, as well as making sure any copyright issues of the featured photographs are resolved in accordance with Light Painting World Alliance's guidelines.  


                 The exhibition can be displayed at any number of cities simultaneously - we simply send digital data to our local representatives. It makes sense to put reasonable emphasis on artworks of local artists to attract additional attention to them at a local level. Among the files that are sent there should also be some promotional slides of the Alliance, briefly and clearly explaining the purpose and mission of the organization. 

                               An example of such an exhibition.





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