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       Light Painting World Alliance Exhibition Guidelines

1) The venue must be well-known and famous in your city. It must be easily accessible by public transport.

2) The venue and date must be announced at least 55 days before the event.

3) The possibility to shown at least 100 artworks on at least 10 monitors (screens) for at least 3 days. 

4) The exhibition must be reported by local media for most audience.

5) The exhibition hall must contain stands for exhibition booklets. These booklets must include the total list of participants with their contacts. Minimum quantity – 1000 booklets for exhibition. The design and content of such booklets will be supplied by LPWA in accordance with its guidelines.

6) The exhibition must have its local name printed on the main banner. The design and content of such banner will be supplied by LPWA in accordance with its guidelines.

7) The exhibition should supported with live shows as photo-booth(s), real-time light painting show(s), lecture about history of light painting (+slide show of historical images). The content of lecture will be supplied by LPWA, lecturer – by organizer (possibly together). The artists that conducts these shows are to be selected unanimously by organizer and LPWA.

8) The organizer must undertake all reasonable efforts to educate the audience on the subject of painting with light and also to promote the LPWA for new contacts.

9) LPWA provides:
   - Complete exhibition set in Jpeg files
   - Complete identification package for prints and web
   - Template press release to be fine-tuned for local purposes
   - Information support on all LPWA official and affiliated resources
   - Guarantee that there will be no copyright infringements with images, supplied to exhibition set
   - (possibly) Presence of some artists for additional support on activity during exhibition
   - Final report about exhibition in Event chapter LPWA website (total list of participants, total images set, all sponsors etc.)

10) The organizer must supply LPWA with feedback material from event – photographs (full resolution Jpeg) and videos (any common format), which could explain to the audience in other countries how this event was carried out.

11) The event space should to be marked with announces: “Any commercial shooting inside the venue without LPWA permission is prohibited ”.

12) Extra. In case of reduction of any points from these guidelines, the Alliance could change the statute of the event – from “exhibition” to “show” or even “special event”, regarding to the situation.

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