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LPWA Show Artist Registration Form 2015

This form is for making possible fast and reasonable involvement of light painting artists for any LPWA live shows/activities, at any LPWA exhibition and special event across the globe.

We are trying to make the most effective way to let artists to explore their skills in any kind of live light painting activity and earn money from it.

Full name:
Artist name:
Country and city of residence:
Actual email:
Cell phone:
Any other fast method of connection:
Country/region you are ready to work in:
Type of LP activity (please note if visitors can be in interaction with the show):
- Photobooth portraits
- Live show captured by camera, software treated
- Master classes, workshops (pls specify styles or preferable techniques)
- Mixed arts (specify what exactly)
- Other activity (pls clarify)
Your tech rider (equipment or installation you need for the event):
Your usual price list:
Time limitations/preferencies:
Any other details that should be noticed:
Date of filling:
------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------
Please, specify links to your videos/photos, which shows your skills in better ways.

Use to send filled Form, specify in subject "Show Artist RedForm - Your Name"

Thank you!

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