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                                   And now please meet LPWA Meet-up Rules and Conditions 2018

LPWA Meet-up is another kind of LPWA activity for sharing light painting art form to the world.

LPWA Meet-up pursue following targets:
* Making friends between participants, being worked together and meet each other in person.
* Execution of massive LP art works, involving all participants. Such collaboration images should be nice piece of art and great proof of collective creative power [we do not pursue to break any records, our main goal is to create art].
* Education of newbies and volunteers during collab works, and (if possible) additional actions (presentations, lectures, interviews).

We expect following  results of LPWA Meet-up:
* Genesis of new friendships between artists, art skills exchange.
* Showing best collab images on LPWA exhibitions.
*Spreading the word and images in media, based on official LPWA report (photo and video) and any other publications by anyone.

Major rules for Meet-up are:
R1. Management of the Meet-up is provided by LPWA and Meet-up Local Supervisor, with great support from any possible helpers. For every LPWA Meet-up we organize dedicated Facebook group and WatsApp chat.
R2. Participation is possible for all LPWA members, by official registration in accordance with our rules (which could be slightly changed for every single Meet-up, fitted to local conditions). Official registration gives to you legal rights to take a part in meet-up, access to dedicated FB group and WatsApp chat.
R3. Volunteers and non-LPWA members could be possible for any meet-up only if anyone from LPWA members (also coming to specified meet-up) will stand surely for them.
R4. LPWA charge registration fee $5 per participant (except volunteers, who will not take a part in artwork creation), and all participants should sign the Meet-up agreement (to protect other participant’s copy rights). Participants are responsible for all their personal costs (travel expenses, accommodation, visa etc).
R5. Please note that any meet-up is adventure in general, not *****SPA event :) Your success mostly depends on your personal  efforts.

Major conditions for Meet-up locations are:
C1. Location (s) should be wonderful exactly for light painting experience.
C2. Location(s) should give us unique possibilities to execute massive art works. We don’t search for locations, which could be perfect just for single artists (or small group).
C3. Location(s) should be free to access in the night(s) or by reasonable cost (including all related expenses). For sure, location(s) entrance should be legal (perhaps, with required permission).
C4. Location(s) should be safe enough for massive work.
C5. Location supervisor should undertake testing shootings on location(s) before official announce. Such tests should show all possible light pollution and at least a few possible POVs for collab images.

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