Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas


To be officially registered on any LPWA meet-up, please, follow steps:

1. Check out carefully official LPWA Meet-up rules & conditions.

2. Fill Registration Form, which is different for every Meet-up and published in Meet-up official announce.

3. Wait for confirmation, that your application was received (as usual it comes in 24 hours)

4. Send registration fee $5 via LPWA Donation PayPal service. Please, don’t forget to specify your full name and meet-up title in donation form. Note please, that this fee is not refundable.

5. Add me (Sergey Churkin) as friend on Facebook – this will let me add you into meet-up FB group. This dedicated group is for discussions about all Meet-up details and creative ideas. Link for such FB group is specified in official Meet-up announce.

6. Wait for being added to dedicated WhatsApp chat (of course, you have to install WhatsApp on your cell phone)

7. Start your preparation with company of light painting friends!

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