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                Light Painting World Alliance Manifesto

a) Intro
b) Our wishes and needs
c) FAQ

Currently the international Light Painting community consists of a large number of individuals, or at most of small groups of good friends. Examples of business partnerships are almost non-existent. Each lightpainter shoots and then distributes his own products as he/she sees fit. Very rarely does a single lightpainter deal on a professional (commercial) basis. Meanwhile, the artistic level of many authors has come closer to the standards of the art market. However, such products are not marketable because of the lack of adequate consumer awareness of lightpainting as an art service - customers have no idea about the creative possibilities (also the commercial potential) of Light Painting, and the target audience does not see Light Painting as a fully developed art form - because of the total lack of positive experience of perception . We are in the presence of a new layer of media industry, which has a powerful means of expression but lacks public recognition.
Currently, information about lightpainters is highly dispersed on the Internet - after two years of hard searching I still find artists previously unknown to me with a high degree of artistry in their photos - and my search was focused and thorough! All of this is due to the lack of any ordering of the information and the lack of a single common Internet resource. The presence of such a resource will greatly facilitate the promotion of artists and their works, thus increasing their chances of acceptance and commercial success.

                       OUR WISHES AND NEEDS
There is the only one global goal for us - as wide as possible dissemination of our genre in the people’s hearts and minds! Light Painting has become a popular and demanded art form! Demand would increase the artistic level of our artworks. The high artistic level, combined with the demand, gives us a cost-effectiveness of the genre! That, in turn, lead to the transformation of the Light Painting in a cost-effective independent trend in the art business!
That's all wishes for today. And what about the future?
Creating completely new visual technologies to express emotions and thoughts. Does it sound like a fairy tale? who could guess the appearance of the iPad2 thirty years ago? :) With light painting we are able to add aesthetically pleasing and message driven elements and characters to a scene that are not reproducible with computer graphics alone.

What we need? I suggest the following:
1. One single online resource (web site) that would contain all artists (who wish) on the planet, categorized by the countries. As part of this resource, we will need also sections: a) industry news; b) light tools and materials; c) training manuals; d) library of publications; e) collaboration projects; f) festivals and competitions; g) forum; h) online store to sell art prints. This resource will help potential customers to quickly find the artists with the necessary skills and location.
2. World's festivals and competitions in various categories. World Traveling Exhibition of the best artworks.
3. Regular columns in the world's largest magazines about art and photography with the publications of the best artworks there. Over time - publishing our own magazine "Light Painted World". At first, the magazine begins to form within our site.
4. Adoption of soft rating voting system (SRVS). Using CRVS we will mark the artworks that develop the genre, to orient artists to enhance the artistic value of their works, and serve to spread Light Painting to the general public. CRVS will help beginners in professional growth. And besides, CRVS will allow us to determine the composition of the governing body of the Alliance:)
5. Close contact with manufacturers of software and light tools for our needs. The practice of our work give us many reasons to appeal to handmade tools and sophisticated computing devices that do not yet have sufficient capabilities - because the manufacturers and software vendors themselves are not light painters and have no idea about what features should be in these devices. We need to produce fine tuning software and new light tools for professional light painting.
6. Close contacts with interior designers, decoration accessories manufacturers and fashion designers. Light painting should be more than only photos or prints – we can use our artworks as basis for many more goods.
7. Teaching light painting as an independent subject in the curriculum of art schools, colleges and institutes.. Light painting is the same tool of the artist as a usual art tools (brush, pencils etc). We must teach young people all the creative features of our style in a professional manner, so that young artists will able to create art using light painting. This is the future of the light painting! The Alliance will have to prepare a curriculum for such training, align it with the educational rules - to ensure the legality of the training and the necessary certification. Alliance should develop a system of internal further training of artists who wish to engage in teaching - and give them a certificate attesting to their qualifications as teachers. Of course, teaching may take place in private manner. However, Alliance was initially interested in establishing a high level of education and a certificate issued by the Alliance should guarantee that.
8. The social program of the Alliance consists of organizing training in hospitals, hospices, schools for troubled teens - anywhere possible to use the wonderful power of art to heal the souls darkened by illness, handicap or by deprived social environment. The Alliance will, as much as possible, organize charity projects to raise money for needy children. Direct collaboration with the Society for the Blind Photographers ( and others).
9. Legal advice for artists in case of violations of their copyrights.

     FAQ about light painting

Q: Is it amazing?
A: No. It's breathtaking and incredible part of existence - much more than simply "amazing".

Q: Is it dangerous?
A: Yes. Very high risk is nighttime, from sunset to sunrise - because of huge chance to miss both dinner and breakfast!

Q: Is it fun or job?
A: It's fun. What can be compared with that fantastic feeling of happiness - when with a single movement you are creating SOMETHING, that is impossible to repeat and is invisible to the naked eye?! ....but, if only by chance.... if your enjoyable hobby gives you some compensation for fun time.... it's good too! :)

Q: People like it?
A: Yes. But only like it. We have to do all humanity addicts light painting as real junkies!

Q: To be LPWA or not to be?
A: You decide.

Sergey B. Churkin, Light Painter
December 1, 2011

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