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EVENT:  International Light Painting Day
     LOCATION:  Earth
     DATE:  May 16, annual

UNESCO proclaimed May 16 as the International Day of Light, thus marking the importance of light for mankind.  LPWA, in our turn, proclaims the International Light Painting Day (ILPD)!
Light painting is a clear evidence of the uniqueness of the light phenomenon. The creative potential of light brings new sensations, new colors, new meaning to our lives.
The Alliance intends to realize in this International Light Painting Day May 16 a huge artistic action, during which thousands of people will paint at home, in the courtyard, on a visit or on vacation. As in any social action, participation is even more important than results. International Light Painting Day will attract people to our art, give them a new way of self-expression, make friends between participants. The best pictures will support the idea of the Day of Light and give to everyone an emotional charge for the implementation of the UNESCO program.

I ask all the light painters of the planet to help organize and hold this event in location Earth!

Dear light friends, let’s make International Light Painting Day as cool as possible. This is mostly for your fun, for people around you and for help to UNESCO’s International Day of Light!
We suggest following possible activity on this event:

Most important level. Most wanted activity. If you have any skills in light painting, and you have no possibility to join other participation level, you can execute this one. Invite your friends, family, neighbours, people from street – everyone! Show them how to paint, let them taste too, do fun. Show to your visitors best examples of light painting art (you can use official LPWA exhibition sets from LPWA website). Tell them story of your personal way to light painting. Or you can visit any public space with the same goals. Ignite your imagination! Be genius in public’s eyes, attract even one person to our art form! It would be most important result of International Light Painting Day.

Very important level. As group of friends/collaborators in your local area, you can do more. In addition to level #1, you can show to people the power of all-together-making-art. Use any other kinds of LP activity, accessible for your group. All sorts of media guests, cool venue, special project execution, massive LP images in UNESCO’s themes and yours. Be great, advertise your group and International Day of Light.

All levels are unlimited in participants quantity. All levels require reasonable feedback (LP images, making-off photos/videos, brief reports), all levels do not need registration, just advance notice about your plans, which we could include in whole ILPDay schedule.

We have a plans for ILPDay Official video report. Stay tuned, subscribe to ILPDay pages on Facebook and Instagram. @ilpday2019 #ilpday2019
Together we can attract attention of society to the tasks of the Day of Light. And it will be the most worthy result :)

UPDATE! Global Facebook album for all visual contributions are here, welcome to use it!

LAST UPDATE! For 2019 year we have Light Painting FlashMob, see more details on Facebook event page.

Best regards Sergey

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