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It is with great honor to announce in preparation for the International Light Painting Day 2018 a collaboration event which will be held in Virginia (USA), May 11-13, LPWA Mid-Atlantic Meet- up.
As you know, UNESCO proclaimed May 16 as the International Day of Light, thus marking the importance of light for mankind. LPWA, in our turn, proclaims the International Light Painting Day (ILPDay)!
Light painting is a clear evidence of the uniqueness of the light phenomenon. The creative potential of light brings new sensations, new colors, new meaning to our lives.

The Alliance intends to realize in this International Light Painting Day May 16 a huge artistic action, during which thousands of people will paint at home, in the courtyard, on a visit or on vacation. As in any social action, participation is even more important than results. International Light Painting Day will attract people to our art, give them a new way of self-expression, make friends between participants. The best pictures will support the idea of the Day of Light and give to everyone an emotional charge for the implementation of the UNESCO program.

LPWA Mid Atlantic Meet-up will be a two night collaboration, starting Friday May 11th and concluding Sunday May 13th. Event supervisor and idea creator is Jason Rinehart, LPWA Virginia Local Representative.

Day one will be a night among the beautiful Virginia sky where we will find ourselves within the Blue Ridge Mountains among people that share are same passions to make are mission a success.



Day two our mission continues at historic Roaring Run falls and Furnace. The easy, well-marked trail begins at an historic iron furnace and winds back and forth along the Roaring Run stream. You will pass rock walls, cascading water, and cross five footbridges before ending at beautiful Roaring Run Falls, this place will take your breath away.



“I look forward hosting and having such a opportunity to create and leave our mark within the light painting community. I hope you will consider making this journey for a weekend we wont soon forget. Please join us in proclaiming International Day of Light as we make are mark within its history.” – Jason Rinehart.

Official LPWA Mid-Atlantic Meet-up Mark
LPWA Mid-Atlantic Meet-up Agreement

So, welcome to take a part in LPWA Mid-Atlantic Meet-up 2018 and register following this tips.

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