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We proudly present LPWA Paris Meet-up 2018, which was in May 16-19. This meet-up is dedicated to International Day of Light by UNESCO, as major final event of International Light Painting Day 2018.  This article will be filled step by step with more and more details about the event, because we have tons of photos and videos and we need to edit it.

The Alliance managing Paris Meet-up in collaboration with Ligue Francophone De Light Painting (LFLP).

16th May

The Alliance's and Ligue's artists were lucky to perform our art support for IDL inaugural ceremony in UNESCO Headquarters, where we had planning, organizing and executed absolutely unique art performance - participative light painting image, done by IDL attendees and guests under our control. Documentary photos by Neil Freistad, Melisa Lefebvre, Samuel Dereuder, Vincent Gerber, Stephane Babatasi, MASS, LundiNata and unknown photographer.

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This is first time when light painting was realized by such and honored participants: Nobel laureates, diplomats, scientists, industry and society leaders. Few hundreds people became an artists in just 50 seconds!

We gratefully hope that this unexpected art experience will attract someone from IDL attendees and guests to get more interest in light painting itself and light painters in their countries.

This LP image was done in UNESCO Congress hall, with small LED key-chains.

Total success was provied by our great sponsors UNESCO, theXangle and Lightpainting-Shop.


IDL UNESCO 2018-sponsors  


Initial idea: LPWA

Direction & organization: LFLP

Camera control: Stephane Babatasi and Juls Boo (both France)

Scripters: lightpainting-shop

Stencil and light writing: MASS (France)

Speaker: Samuel Dereuder (France)



Jadikan (France)

Frédéric Leroux (France)

Stabeu Light (France)

Ghislain Decq (France)

ATB Art (France)

Yoan Roncin (France)

Raphael Giunta (France)

Jester Lights (France)

Jean-Baptiste Wallers-Bulot (France)

Diliz (France)

Miguel Couturier (France)

Florent Pinard (France)

WeelTwo (France)

Monika Sandel (Germany)

Mélisa Lefèbvre (Belgium)

Vincent Gerber (Belgium)

Marisol Vaca (Norway)

Neil Robert Jones Friestad (Norway)

Aaron Culmer (USA)

Patrick Collier (USA)

Dan Whitaker (UK)

Alberto Moser (Switzerland)

Yasmina Cherkaoui (Morocco)

Sergey Churkin (Russia)

Tribal Lotta (Belgium)


Made while LPWA Paris 2018 Meet-up in collaboration with LFLP. 

Welcome to see documentary video about how it was done.



   19th May

Paris Meet-up's final collaboration was held in incredible park La Villette.

Many thanks to the Park de la Villette and La Folie Numérique for their welcome.
Thanks to our partners Eric Paré - Xangle and Neon Flexible for their support.

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_Nata _Nata3

_Nata2 _MeetUp Paris Mai2018 MASS-96

Warm thanks to all our light friends from all walks of life (or almost) for sharing these unforgettable moments.

LaVillette monulight_post3

Based on an initial idea (planets & stars) by Chanette Manso.
Under the direction of MASS and Stephane Babatasi.

Light painters in random order:

Monika Sandel
Dan Vlček
Kristýna Antošová
Miroirs D'Affo Dyle
Oussman Noreni
Olivier Fay
Stabeu Light
Light, Shine & Decay
Through Meli's Eye
Vincent Gerber
Weel Two
Florent Pinard
Patrick Collier
Alberto Res
Yas Cherkaoui
Sergey Churkin
Jean-Baptiste Wallers-Bulot
Brigitte Couloumiès-Zartarian
Juls Boo


Dedicated Facebook album about with visual impressions about Paris Meet-up.

Official Paris Meet-up Mark      


Copy rights for cityscape sketch on header's background belong to Artist.

Best regards Sergey & Julien

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