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We proudly present LPWA Paris Meet-up 2018, which will be in May 16-19. This meet-up is dedicated to International Day of Light by UNESCO, as major final event of International Light Painting Day 2018.

The Alliance managing Paris Meet-up in collaboration with Ligue Francophone De Light Painting (LFLP), which members are highly familiar with local conditions and locations.
All four nights will be filled with intensive light painting collaborations in very special locations:

16th May – massive light drawing by UNESCO guests, exactly while inauguration ceremony in congress hall, with guidance of LPWA masters. Never before in the history of mankind with such an involved public (Nobel laureates and other scientists, industry leaders, diplomats, cosmonauts etc). And of course, you could enjoy VI LPWA worldwide exhibition!


Collective LP image in Congress

After party for all participants, making friendship not war :)  Final destination - MonuLight  LP collaboration fun (location TBC)!

17th May - free run over and under city (personal works / divided groups in some secret location). Details only for registered members)

18th May – All night long light painting madness in 6B art residence.

19th May - Final LP gig, we're going to shine in Parc de la Villette.

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LPWA members welcome to REGISTER and participate!

Dedicated Facebook group for registered members (only).

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Copy rights for cityscape sketch on header's background belong to Artist.

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