Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas


The Light Painting World Alliance and Piece Out are teaming up on an exciting project for the International Day of Light!
Light painters from around the world are invited to collaborate on a mosaic of an iconic image that has been broken into pieces. You'll be assigned a part of the image and you will light paint it, then upload it back into the site. The Piece Out system will manage all of the pieces and create a mosaic of all the submissions!



You can participate in tile creation and be part of a global art piece created by hundreds of light painters. Check it out, then drop here to take part in the project!

International Day of Light is May 16th. These dates give us time to create the mosaic and prepare a presentation of our creation!
It's free to participate! Visit to create an account and to see a work in progress to get a feel for how it works. In the meantime, if you plan to participate in this event please mark yourself as 'going' so we can understand how many participants we're going to have!
We look forward to collaborating! Facebook project page.



                       UPDATE!! Here we proudly presents our fascinating resulting image!

Starry Night Light Mosaic

                   See total list of contributors and article about how it all was done here.


Cheers Dan Chick & Sergey

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