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This project is completed! Please see the result! We leave previous text (below) just to surprize you how it all was managed. Enjoy the video :)





This is the official announcement presenting to the world the project "OMNIA LUCE", designed by Frodo DKL from CHILDREN OF DARKLIGHT y SFHIR.
It is a global collaborative project that aims to create a light painting stop motion animation on the occasion of the International Day of Light (UNESCO) and the International Light Painting Day (Light Painting World Alliance), to be held on May 16.


If you want to take a part in this worldwide project, you have to register here.
Being registered, you will get in a while the access to Google Drive project folder, for uploading your contribution. If you do not know any of the fields in the "Animation Information" section of registration form, it can be edited later with the correct information. The link to modify the answers is in the email received when submitting form. Registration is free.

Each interested participant will create 5 seconds of the animation. The union of all these small fragments will form the final animation which, literally, will go around the world.
For the animation we will work with around 12 fps. Since we want 5 seconds, that means we need 60 photos from each participant.
The names of each participant will appear in the final credits of the animation, in the full version, or in any other short version that is decided to be made with promotional purposes.

Contributors must own copyrights to their uploaded images. Those copyrights are unaffected by sharing images on social media to promote the final animation. Legally, the final animation created by Children of Darklight & Sfhir is a derivative work and is copyright Children of Darklight & Sfhir. By submitting your images you grant Children of Darklight & Sfhir to permanent, unrestricted, worldwide non commercial license to use uploaded images as part of the animation.

● Send 60 ordered JPG files
● Upload them to a Google Drive folder whose address will be provided by email to those who register.
● The files will be renamed with the format indicated in the email.
● You will shoot with a white balance WB 4000
● You will shoot at ISO100
● Exposure time and F number according to the participant's needs (Remember that a small diaphragm apperture would get the star effect). In the example of the video we are working at F13 and 15 ".
● You will compose taking into account that the final format will be 16:9, but the JPG delivered must be in full format (4:3 or 3:2).
● The material delivered must meet a minimum of photographic and artistic quality, and the video organization and video maker will reserve the right to include or not include each sequence, if they deem necessary, according to the above criteria, in order to create a work of recognized artistic quality.

● The delivery period of the sequence of photographs will be until July 16, 2018, UTC / GMT +2 hours.
● The video will be published in mid September 2018

Needs & Equipment
● Camera
● Tripod
● Remote trigger if necessary
● Black clothes, even covering the face would be good if there is a lot of ambient light and your face is seen in the photos
● White LED flashlights (less powerful and more powerful to choose the one that works best for us)
● Something to mark the entry and exit point of the painting on the ground (chalk, tape, marker ...)

● We will choose only one location, for a single plane
● Emblematic location of the city, how much more recognized and beautiful, better

The instructions are contained in this video (english and spanish subtitles included)

Statement of the project in english and spanish (PDFs).

Kind regards, Frodo, Sfhir and Sergey


Afterglow Team
Comment by Afterglow Team
Hi! I've registered, but still did not get the link to the shared folder. Could you please help? Thanks, Afterglow team

Jean Hilton
Comment by Jean Hilton
Hi I've registered also and have not received a link to the folder. And what size Jpeg files do you require. Thanks.

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