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Despite the very tight deadlines and lots of difficulties, we did it again!

Total list of participants VI LPWA worldwide exhibition, held in UNESCO Headquarters May 16th as a part of inauguration ceremony for International Day of Light – is completed! We have here 186 artists from 27 countries with 100 artworks.

As usual, and with highly welcome, we have some artists who will be exhibited in first time in their LPWA career. They are from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA. Good start guys!

LPWA Meet-ups since 2015 produced a lots of friends and few massive LP images, which allow us to add many people in this list. Thanks for all meet-ups participants!

Global light painting project Light Mosaic with repainted Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” also gave us a lot of new names, performed on this exhibition. Huge thanks to project initiator Dan Chick ( and to everyone involved!   

                                   This exhibition is possible only by great support of our sponsors:

     UNESCO OnSite                            Xangle OnSite2                              Neon_OnSitre3

Eric Pare, as Xangle leader, noted: "I've been part of the light-painting community for five years now, and most of the products we create at the studio are based on the community needs and aspirations. It it a logical step for me and my team to be part of such a wonderful event".

Massive thanks to Ligue Francophone de Light Painting and it’s president Juls Boo for managing this exhibition.



Highlighted with blue color artists have personal artworks, the rest are collaborators for massive LPWA artworks. Sorry, not in alphabetical oredr!

Elemental Light
   [Oviedo LightArt Team]  Pablo Mielniczuk, Leonardo Lopez, Luis Kuziw, Silvana Manzana
   [Light Mosaic project]  Osvaldo Selva

Kyle K
Rod Evans
   [LPWA Rome Team]  Rob Turney  
   [Light Mosaic project]  Adam Fenech, Stella Q  

Fa Macfalight
   [Light Mosaic project]  Melisa Lefebvre, Yannick  Lejeune  

   [LPWA Rome Team & Light Mosaic project] Georgi Kasabov 

Patrick Rochon
Kim Henry & Eric Pare
Derek Lawrence  [also LPWA Nevada, British Columbia & Pacific North West Teams]
   [LPWA British Columbia, Pacific North West Teams & Light Mosaic project] Michelle Lark
   [LPWA British Columbia Team] Kris Foot, Blake Nicholson, Norman Siemens, Rick Phillips, Britt Bruneau, Mana Arabi, Mack Armstrong, Ian Sawyer, Jennifer Love

Roy Wang  [also Oviedo LightArt & LPWA Rome Teams]

   [Light Mosaic project]  Marko Bolkovic   

Jan Pohribny  [also LPWA Rome Team]
   [LPWA Rome Team]  Adela Bartonickova, Alzbeta Moreno  
   [Light Mosaic project]  Kristyna Antosova, Pavel Plizingr

Khadiga El-Ghawas [collab with Nikolay Trebukhin]

Janne Parviainen
Jenni Granqvist
Hannu Huhtamo

Art Combat
Chanette Manso
Christopher Hibbert
Decq Ghislain
Frederic Leroux
Jester Lights
Romain Millet
Yoan Roncin
Oussman Noreni
Diliz  [also LPWA Rome Team]
Dawn  [also collab with Mafu Fuma]
Juls Boo  [also Light Mosaic project]
Atb Art  [also Light Mosaic project]
Stabeu Light  [also Oviedo LightArt & LPWA Rome Teams]
Stephane Babatasi  [also Light Mosaic project]
   [LPWA Rome Team]  Jean Christophe Aubert  
   [Light Mosaic project]  Olivier Fay

Raphael Giunta

Alexander Gnezdilov
Matthias Heppt
Gunnar Heilmann  [also LPWA Rome Team & Light Mosaic project]
Monika Sandel  [also LPWA Rome Team]
Bernhard Rauscher  [also LPWA Rome Team & Light Mosaic project]
Mafu Fuma [also collab with Dawn & LPWA Rome Team]
   [LPWA Rome Team] Kirsten Borgelt, Franz Muller, Ulrich Tausend, Patrick Rudolf
   [Light Mosaic project] Dennis Berka, Frauke Ludescher, Manuel Koestler, Martina Stoltz, Paula Tennie
   [Oviedo LightArt Team]  Jan Leonardo & AnnaLeonarda  

Meghana Reddy

Gareth Nathan  [also LPWA Pacific North West Team & Light Mosaic project]

Sketchlight  [also Light Mosaic project]

Maria Saggese  [also LPWA Rome Team]
Ilaria Toscano
   [LPWA Rome Team]  Liliana Iadeluca, Gioele A. Rana, Luca Carra, Mirko Panzeri, Giulio Spagone
   [Light Mosaic project]  Luca Romano  

Andrius Spridys  [LPWA Nevada & Pacific North West Teams]

Aaron Arp
   [Light Mosaic project] JM Osorno

Yasmina Cherkaoui  [also LPWA Rome & British Columbia Teams]

   [LPWA Rome Team]  Maarten Taakens
   [Light Mosaic project]  Petra & Arun Muilenburg & Koendjbiharie  

Anna Gawecka  [also Light Mosaic project]

Andy Golov
Anton Bondarchuk
Nikolay Trebukhin  [collab with Khadiga El-Ghawas]
Sergey Savenko
Sergey Churkin  [also LPWA Nevada & Rome Teams, Light Mosaic project]

   [Light Mosaic project] Martini  Coetzee  

Mario Lechuga
Diana Ponce
Carles Calero  [also Oviedo LightArt Team]
Alfredo Alvarez  [also Oviedo LightArt & LPWA Rome Teams]
Ivan Lucio  [also Oviedo LightArt & LPWA Rome Teams, Light Mosaic project]
Luis Lafuente Medina  [also Oviedo LightArt & LPWA Rome Teams, Light Mosaic project]
Iris Shyroii  [also Oviedo LightArt & LPWA Rome Teams]
   [Oviedo LightArt Team] Edu Cajigal , DaveAstur,  Zes Redgrinblu, Manu Miguez, Tono Miguez, Javier Cabezon, Tami Morales, Esther Dura, Nacho Cosío, Sergio Gonzalez, Guillermo Julio Santos Lopez, Bakar Sella, Eduardo Fuentes, Jordi Soriano, Marius Vila, Indra, Ozelu Lozano
   [Oviedo LightArt & LPWA Rome Teams] Sfhir, Vikthor Clarke, Javier Jimenez, Ivan Barco
   [LPWA Rome Team] Alexandra Lunar Perez, Carles Domenech, Adrian Rojo
   [Light Mosaic project] Fran LojoAntonio Martinez, Gato Negro, Loren Rovira

   [LPWA Rome Team] Alberto Moser  

Alan Jaras
Martin Barras
Kim Von Coels
Rosetta Whitehead
Phill Fisher  [also Oviedo LightArt Team]
Dan Whitaker  [also LPWA Nevada, British Columbia & Pacific North West Teams]
   [Light Mosaic project] Stuart Pearson  

Andrea Boyle [also Light Mosaic project]
Darren Pearson
Steven Erra
Aaron Culmer
David Hull  [also LPWA Nevada Team]
Patrick Collier [also LPWA Rome & British Columbia & Pacific North West Teams]
Chris Bauer  [also LPWA Nevada & Pacific North West Teams, Light Mosaic project]
Dan Chick  [also LPWA Rome & Pacific North West Teams, Light Mosaic project]
   [LPWA Nevada & Pacific North West Teams] Kristen Schlecht, Christina Vasquez, Bill Burk, Marisa Bisping  
   [LPWA Pacific North West Team & Light Mosaic project]  Paul Burns, T.J. Legler
   [LPWA Nevada Team]  Matthew Scherfenberg, Todd Blaisdell
   [LPWA British Columbia Team] Lady Kenai, Makkie
   [LPWA Pacific North West Team] Beth Burk, Mack Murdoc, Johnny Andrews, Nancy Nguyen, Skylar Keck,  Aaron Schoenherr, Jeri Lynn, Adriana Michima, Joe Salmans, Kyle Wirkkala, Sarah LaFleur, Jonathan Lloyd
   [Light Mosaic project]  Ken Darnell, M. Blanca Eyre, Jason Page, Ashley Freiheit, Johnny Griffin, John Helsley, Margarita Rubiera, Christina Salinas, Erin Simmons
Steven Erra


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