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The historic first Light Painting World Exhibition was completed recently on October 1, 2012.
The event introduced viewers to 100 of the best light painting images from 1976 to the present time.




Muscovites packed the halls of the Central House of Artists, the host of the Light Painting World Exhibition for four days.
The audience was mesmerized by the spellbinding images glowing in the darkness.




The LPWA used a unique display concept by using 10 plasma screen monitors merged into a mosaic wall of light painting. Each monitor contained a slide show of ten images which create an impression of an infinite universe of light.
With 58 artists employing different themes and light painting techniques, the magical collection was a delight to the exhibition's visitors.




The exhibition hall contained other exhibits of light art objects, light installations and holograms, which was called, "The Laboratory of Light."

LPWA hosted a photo booth where visitors could have their two-minute light painting portrait taken by Michael Churkin, LPWA local representative from St. Petersburg. Portraits were sent immediately to e-mail via an interactive communication board.

More details about this event you can find in report by Eric Mellinger.

Complete set of exhibited artworks you can see here:
part 1
part 2

The LPWA would like to extend our gratitude to the Government of Moscow City, the Central House of Artists and technical sponsor, Phillips for their support of our show!
We look forward to next year for even bigger events!

Steven Erra
Comment by Steven Erra
I would like to thank Sergey Churkin for putting together this first exhibition of work from light painters across the world. Sergey has brought us together here, at the LPWA, and it took much effort and time, it is only the beginning. I'm very delighted to be a part of this new and energetic group.

Dan Whitaker
Comment by Dan Whitaker
Great pictures! Huge thanks to Sergey and LPWA for making this all possible. Looking forward to seeing more events like this in other countries.

Christophe Allirot
Comment by Christophe Allirot
THANK YOU to Sergey for organising such a big event!!! The whole thing is just a great idea and I hope people had fun and that the event was a huge success! Wish I was there.. hopefully next time! ;)

Alan Jaras
Comment by Alan Jaras
Well done Sergey and LPWA for a spectacular display and a great event bringing together so much talent in one place. Great photos - it looks like the visitors enjoyed the show.

John Chase
Comment by John Chase
Terrific stuff Sergey! World class exposure that LP deserves.

Rosetta Whitehead
Comment by Rosetta Whitehead
Wow... What an incredible achievement! Amazing Sergey! Such an honour to be a part of it. A little piece of history! Cant wait for the next one...This has re-inspired me so much! Thank you!

Chris Noelle
Comment by Chris Noelle
Hey Sergey, super great stuff, thanks for your efforts of pushing it to another level! Is there a video coming up aswell? Big up from Berlin, Chris

Sergey Churkin
Comment by Sergey Churkin
Thank you a lot, dear light sisters & brothers, for your kind words! In fairness, it should be noted that the invaluable help in the organization of this exhibition was provided by my son Michael Churkin (aka Lightgraffiti), who catched a lucky chance to join the Moscow Festival of Light! Thus, I believe that half of what you say applies to him :) It was a great pleasure for us to make your presence possible cuz all of your are masters of our genre :) Yes Chris, promo video from the fair is coming!! Don't miss and stay tuned.

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