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Seven monthes of working hard gives us new brilliant event in Light Painted World – 2nd Light Painting World Exhibition in Paris, France! It will be held in legendary place – Espace Pierre Cardin in three days December 13-15.

Such fabulous result was due efforts of the Alliance and Franklin Roulot (Projets Privés)

As usual, LPWA manage ours exhibitions using plasma monitors for showing best light paintings in the same manner in which they were born – as shining stream of fotons from screens.

As always, we have very simple rules !

1) You should be registered LPWA member and you have to complete your personal profile. For those who do not do so yet - it's easy and free! Thus a whole world can discover your artistic skills.

2) You have to send to the LINKS (not images!) to your 3 best artworks (new ones, or the same which was exhibited in Moscow last year).

3) The Alliance will select best artworks for the exhibition, and you will receive the official agreement about conditions of your participation.

4) You have to send to those images (which will be included in your agreement) in resolution no less than 1920x1080 (or 1080x1920 – in case of vertical orientation) pixels. You can crop your image as you wish, taking in consideration that lower area of the image will be used for the event identification (approx. 100 pix tall). Of course, you can send images with higher sizes – we will crop them in better way. For samples please see Moscow Exhibition Sets horizontal and vertical. Please, NO any watermarks, logos or other titles!

5) Deadline for submissions is November 20.

6) The event is managed in accordance with LPWA Exhibition Guidelines.

All light painters from the globe (single or team) are welcome to take a part in this exhibition – with your artworks and in person, if you wish. Do not miss a submission time!

Best regards and wishes for all light brothers and sisters :)         Sergey Churkin,


P.S. I promise some surprise in nearest future :) stay tuned!

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OK, here is first surprise - we announce "Paris Light Painting Animation Show", which will be in the same place with the exhibition! Videos will be projected onto screen. So, all light painters could get a lucky chance to present their videos. . Conditions:. 1) Frame size - no less than 720 pix wide or tall. More preferable - no less 1080 pix. Full HD will be brilliant!. 2) File extensions - best if *mp4, also good *mov. 3) No length or file size limitation.. 4) Video should contain sound assistance.. 5) You should be sure, that you have copy rights for video.. 6) All credits should be titled (we can't do that).. 7) Please, only real light painting animation. Editing software based videos will be declined.. How to deliver your video to "Paris Light Painting Animation Show"? Upload it on YouTube and send the link to If everything will be OK, we ask you for the file.

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Next news - the exhibition will include "Live Light Painting Show", which will presented by masters of the genre Julien Breton, Jadikan, Marko, Swit Lightgraff, Rezine and Gildas Malassinet!

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