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We did it! After 7 months of hard working we did it again!

2nd Worldwide Light Painting Exhibition was held in Paris, Espace Pierre Cardin. Words are simpler that the reality of actually making it happen but I am very privileged to have been able to do so successfully with the help of everyone involved.  picPA_1

Opening ceremony for VIPs, professionals (Musée du Louvre, National Museum, Grand Palais, City of Fashion, Mayor of Paris, Cartier Foundation), media (Arte, Canal +, Digital Art, Arts Gazette, Yes FM, France Culture, France 2) and guests was started by LPWA France official partner Franklin Roulot (agency Projets-Prives) and me. Chanette Manso (France) presented the amazing historical lecture about LP story, since 1826 till the end of 19 century. Curiously, on this exhibition we had 4 premieres: Jozef Sedlak presented 1st time in his career two stunning artworks (1994 and 1999 years of creation!), John Hesketh shown one fresh image (2013) and Brian Matthew Hart too.


Best 12 LP animation movies was shown in cinema hall all three days in non-stop mode. There was videos from Lichtfaktor (Germany), Patrick Rochon (Canada), Darren Pearson (USA), Marcos Camargo (Brazil), Chanette Manso (France), Carlotta Bertelli (Italy), Rewolf Pezi (France), Santiago Di Lorenzo (Argentina) and Azan Fauzan (Indonesia). Absolutely unique real time light painting video was presented by David Hull (USA), who was selected to various film festivals around the globe.

Here is a total list of LP animations, which was presented in our cinema hall:
Lichtfaktor      Denizen      Star Wars VS Star Trek         Talk Talk         The very angry Caterpillar         Trauma   

Carlotta Bertelli   Santiago Di Lorenzo    Patrick Rochon    Rewolf Pezi    Darren Pearson  

Chanette Manso Marcos Camargo    David Hull    Azan Fauzan


There was LP live shows, performed by SWIT LightGraff, Julien Breton, Rezine and Jadikan, who shown to a large public top level LP creation. Also, big success was for Dazler’s Light’O’matic show, where the audience was able to draw with light by themselves.
Also we had some very nice interactive installation and holograms (created with Breton’s amazing light painting skills).


For this exhibition we had more space, thus we slightly changed it’s format – all monitors were installed onto easels, like regular paintings during their making. It looked very unusual and futuristic! Such surrealistic combination (monitors + easels) was highlighted by wires, glowing in the dark (thanks to our sponsor Neon Flexible!)
For this exhibition we prepared an Online Trading Option. Some of the exhibited artworks are available for purchase online!


In the first evening was occur huge non-formal meeting of community – a lot of French and foreign artists got unique possibility to meet and talk each other. So positive emotions and interests I never seen before! And I was happy a lot, looking at my new friends, who wasn’t knowing each other before this day and now talking alive and making friendship! I think – it was more important, than just showing our artworks to audience.


In 2nd evening more than 20 artists was participated in unique event – biggest in the world (both in quantity and quality) LP collaboration, during which we were made short LP animation visit card for the exhibition (see our official video!). Author and editor of this collab – Jadikan (thanks Guilhem!). This tremendous and funny experience has taken place on Place Concorde, in front of hundreds eyes of amazed Parisians.




                   Here is Official LPWA Paris 2013 Video:





In conclusion, I want to thank a lot for those people, who made this exhibition possible: SWIT LightGraff (who called me after Moscow’s exhibition and offered to manage something like that in Paris) and Franklin Roulot (who was introduced to me by SWIT and who become a chief of the project).
Thank to brilliant French artists, who personally took a part in preparation of the exhibition: SWIT LightGraff, Julien Breton, Marko, Gildas Malassinet, Rezine and Jadikan.

I am very thankful for all light painters, were in person on the exhibition – for their passion and warm feelings! I am much more thankful for all artists who gave their amazing artworks for this exhibition!

Special thanks to our sponsors and supporters:

Dear light friends, 2nd Worldwide Light Painting Exhibition will stay in our memories as diamond, shining in the Paris lights – and I am sure, that next exhibitions in other places will be more effective, more bigger and more inspiring! Feel free to comment or critisize this post, please.
Light Is Paint, Night Is Canvas! To remind yourself how it was look at our non-official video mix from this event and special movie by Dazler!

Sincerely yours Sergey Churkin



Christina Salinas
Comment by Christina Salinas
Awesome!! would love to see this exhibit in San Francisco!!!

David Hull
Comment by David Hull
I'll second that! (Now, which venue?) ;-)Great show report and video! An outstanding collection of avante-garde creatives producing really high quality work. Great use of venue, technology, and engaging programs. A truly impressive collaboration on many levels, from global to local. Kudos to Sergey and all the people involved in making this show an obvious noteable statement.

Mikhaylutsa Vladimir
These are really cool shots!

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