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     We proudly present next LPWA event – 3rd Light Painting World Exhibition and 1st International Light Art Congress, held in Oviedo (Spain)! The time for exhibition July 4-13, for Congress July 4-5. 

     This fantastic event become possible due to the great work of LPWA Spain representative  Alfredo Álvarez with his “Children Of Darklight” team,and Herramientas Light Painting OnLine shop.
     With great pleasure we accept financial support from the local Town Hall – this event is financing by Ayuntamiento de Oviedo.

     As usual, LPWA manage this exhibition using monitors for showing best LP artworks in the same manner in which they were born – as shining stream of fotons from screens. In this case, we are supported by Philips Spain with their most recent and greatest Philips AmbiLight monitors! This new model will be presented to the general public for the 1st time on LPWA event!
     Light Art Congress will consist of discussions, lectures, workshops and live LP shows.

     As always, we have very simple conditions:

1) You should be registered LPWA member and you have to complete your personal profile. For those who haven't done so yet - it's easy and free! Let the world discover your artistic skills.

2) You have to send to (pls - put in copy the LINKS (not images!) to your 3 best artworks (1 link per 1 image!).

3) The Alliance’s Advisory Board will select best artworks for the exhibition, and you will receive the official agreement about conditions of your participation.

4) You have to send to those images (which will be noted in your agreement) in size no less than 1920x1080 (or 1080x1920 – in case of vertical orientation) pixels, in resolution 72 dpi. You can crop your image as you wish, taking in consideration that lower area of the image will be used for the event identification (approx. 100 pix tall). Of course, you can send images with higher sizes – we will crop them in better way. For samples please see Paris Exhibition Sets horizontal and vertical. Please, read carefully our official Rules for Exhibitions!

5) If you want to take a part in Congress as speaker or live LP show presenter, please contact directly to Alfredo Alonso.

6) Deadline for image submissions is June 17, for Congress speech the same.

     All light painters from the globe (single or team) are welcome to take a part in this exhibition – with your artworks and in person, if you wish. Do not miss a submission time!

     Good luck for every participant!

     Sincerely yours Sergey Churkin

Juergen Gnass
Comment by Juergen Gnass
GREAT!!! I'm in hopefuly!

Comment by Unknown
Jadikan m'a transmis la passion du lightpainting. j'essai de trouver et d'approcher tous les aspects de cet art avec Manogre Greg ....

Stephen Humpleby
Comment by Stephen Humpleby
Fantastic..Done! :-)

Riders of Light
Comment by Riders of Light
Fantástica noticia ¡¡¡¡ grande Alfredo Alonso ( Frodo Kolo ) y toda la organización, esperamos la fecha con muchas ganas.

Manu DiMartino
Comment by Manu DiMartino
YESSSS Goood Luck

Jester Lights
Comment by Jester Lights
Great news !!!

Mikhail Tormakov
Comment by Mikhail Tormakov
Cool! ))

Salva Mico
Comment by Salva Mico
Nos vemos allí. Fantastico

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