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July 04, Oviedo Spain, the Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA) contributed to an incredible art experience by using light to paint International Year of Light 2015 logotype. Physical dimensions of logo were 44 meters and it was done on Plaza de la Gesta, Oviedo. 

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In this action were involved 33 light painters. Camera was installed onto mobile lift, 15 meters over the ground. 
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Before sundown, artists marked all logo’s components over the square. After sundown, they start to draw every element with light tools, aligned to markers.


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Long exposure camera settings allow them to catch in sensor all light streaks, which combine exactly IYoL 2015 logo.

In other words, logotype of such event as International Year of Light was made with light! It was possible due light painting technique, actually spreaded over the world.

This unique experience was especially managed to promote UNESCO’s International Year of Light 2015.
LPWA try support to IYoL 2015 with their artistic power. Light painting artworks are very beautiful evidence of light influence to human’s mind in creation process. Light painting is most fantastic part of contemporary fine art.
This IYoL 2015 logo performance was a part of 1st International Light Art Congress and 3rd Light Painting World Exhibition, organized by LPWA and LPWA Local Representative Alfredo Alvarez.

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Total list of collaborators:
Creative idea – Sergey Churkin
Organizators - Alfredo Álvarez, Iván Barco and “Riders Of Light” (Madrid).
Execution management – “Children Of Darklight” (Oviedo), “Riders Of Light”, Nacho García and El Niño de las luces.
Artists - Eric Marsinyach, Jordi Soriano, Salva Micó, Victor Peseta, Iván Sanz, Pilar HM, Ramón Aser, DaveAstur, Joaquín Durán,Bakar Sella, Candela Pájaro., Jorge Miguel, Zes Domingos, Aitor Abadía, Santiago Salinas, Lorena Miranda, Sandra Alcaraz,Marina Martin, Luis Egaña, Ismael Serrano, Bartomeu Velasco, Guillermo Julio Santos, Roberto García, David Calvo, Héctor Álvarez, Patricia Muñiz, Eduardo Cajigal.


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Images by Sergey Churkin, Nacho Cosio and Riders Of Light.


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