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LPWA, Projets Prives and Embarcadère Culture Center proudly presents next LPWA special event, managed to support UNESCO's International Year of Light 2015 - Exposition Lumieres in Aubervilliers, France, from 4 to 14 November.

More details here.
For this special event we organize light painting exhibition in our firm "screen" style, photo booth and master classes.
Artworks for exhibition are taken from Alliance's previous exhibitions, selected under condition of the general public for this event - mostly students and school kids. Also we organize special educational program for kids.
Stay tuned and watch news on official LPWA Facebook page!

Total list of participants:

ARGENTINA  Santiago Do Lorenzo
AUSTRALIA  Rob Turney, Sean Diamond Art
BELGIUM  Palateth
BRAZIL  Natalia Pires
CANADA  Patrick Rochon, Anton Julmy
IRELAND  Gareth Nathan
FINLAND  Janne Parviainen, Hannu Huhtamo
FRANCE  Frederic FerreiraJadikan, Diliz, Juls Boo, DAWN, Rezine, Cesium LightGraff, Julien Breton, Quentin Bischoff, Frederic Leroux, Stephane Babatasi, Patrick Scherer, Chanette Manso, Romain Millet, Nico Luz, Rewolf, Jester Lights, MASS, Gildas Malassinet, Marko
GERMANY  JanLeonardo, Electrical Movements in the Dark, LightMark, Alexander Gnezdilov, Jurgen Gnass
NETHERLANDS  Hugo Baptista
RUSSIA  Nick Deev, Hory Ma, Mikhail Tormakov
SLOVAKIA Josef Sedlak
SPAIN Alfredo Alvarez, EL Nino De Las Luces, Riders Of Light, Luces Raras, Flashes En La Noche
UK  Dan Whitaker, James Streeter, Rosetta Whitehead, Alan Jaras, Ian Hobson
USA  David Hull, Eric Mellinger, Alex DeForest, Aurora Crowley, Brian Matthew Hart, Steven Erra, Michael Newcomer, Jamie Wyman, Darren Pearson, Jeremy Jackson

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