Light Painting World Alliance - Light is Paint, Night is Canvas

Collaborator Confirmation

We all the LP community are pleased to wear such status. It is a big honour for every artist who support International Year of Light 2015 with his (her) talent! Next 2015 year should be incredible :)

I have to thank to all light painters, who support the Alliance in this efforts. Together we are stronger :)

Best regards Sergey

Felipe Ferreira
Comment by Felipe Ferreira
What a great news! Light for us all!

Warren Adrien
Comment by Warren Adrien
Huge congrats! Keep it going! :)

Natalia Pires
Comment by Natalia Pires
Woow!! Amazing!! Congratulations! :D

Maria Saggese
Comment by Maria Saggese
WOw Congrats!!

Gustavo Orozco
Comment by Gustavo Orozco
Great news! Congrats!

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