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LPWA, Hong Kong based agency Circle Communications Ltd and New Town Plaza (Hong Kong) proudly presents next Alliance’s Special Event “Waves of Shining Light”, which was held in 13-31 August 2014.
Before the event start, special guest German team Lichtfaktor made there some LP animation for the event promotion in local media.  Local artists Warren Adrien Tang and Brian Zhang took a part in such activity, which was about 15 hours of endless shooting :) What a huge lesson!
Event construction design  was made by CCL and there was amazing combination for traditional LPWA exhibition and LP photo booth. Booth dimensions 22x8 meters was perfect for full lenth portraits. This activity was supported by local artists Warren Adrien Tang, Brian Zhang and Dio Miu. Of course, Marcel Panne (Lichtfaktor leader) made some wonderful portraits too. Due all exhibition days, photo booth served approx. 4000 people. And we can’t count how many were amazed by the exhibited artworks!


This exhibition contain top 100 artworks of 61 artists from 18 countries:

AUSTRALIA - Rob Turney
BELGIUM - Jan Teunis
CANADA - Patrick Rochon
CHINA - Roy Wang
INDIA - Jeswin Rebello
IRELAND - Gareth Nathan
SWITZERLAND - Pablo Pietri
FINLAND - Hannu Huhtamo, Janne Parviainen
FRANCE - Quentin Bischoff, Julien Breton, Cesium LightGraff, Dawn, Diliz, Frederic Ferreira, Jadikan, Juls Boo, Jester Lights, Nico Luz, Chanette Manso, Swit LightGraff
GERMANY - Electrical Momements in Dark, Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke, Jurgen Gnass, Alexandr Gnezdilov, Gus Mercerat, JanLeonardo Woellert
HOLLAND - Jelle Schuurmans
HONG KONG - Warren Adrien Tang
JAPAN - Trevor Williams
RUSSIA - Mikhail Churkin, Sergey Churkin, Hory Ma, Vladimir Mikhailutsa, Zahar Nazarenko, Elena Nn, ONil
SPAIN - Alfredo Alvarez, Erasmo Daaz, David Gnowee
UK - LED Eddie, Ian Hobson, Alan Jaras, James De Luna, James Streeter, Diana Goss, Jon Steelle, Gabby Vicente, Daniel Whitaker
USA - Todd Blaisdell, Dennis Calvert, Aurora Crowley, Alex DeForest, Steven Erra, Brian Matthew Hart, David Hull, Jeremy Jackson, Jahdakine, Eric Mellinger, Darren Pearson.

As it was announced earlie, we have no fresh submissions for this event. Our partners CCL and New Town Plaza made selection of exhibition set directly from LPWA previous exhibition in Moscow, Mumbai and Paris.

Listen what LPWA Hong Kong Representative Warren Adrien Tang says:

Warren Foto
"3 Years ago, I promised to myself I would hold the first large scale light painting event in Hong Kong.
Today, as LPWA Hong Kong local representative, I have made my dream come true.
It has been a splendid wonderful experience taking part, not to mention it is exciting enough to know that it is the first light painting event in Hong Kong, also I get to learn so much from Lichtfaktor about light painting animation, an evolving light painting technique in the trend. Marcel and Daniel have been more than friendly to us local light painters, during the time I have not only learn about their skills, but also their passion and professionalism towards light paintings. This is what inspired and motivated me most. Aside from the awesome german team, I have also broaden my vision by closely looking at 100 images at the exhibition, trying to understand or learn from each image. Truly it has been an honor knowing or meeting each artist.
Last but not least, I have found another home, a light painting family in the local community, all these 5 years I have been doing light paintings myself. I always thought I am the only one out here, but it it not true. During the exhibition, I have met Dio and Brian, both are also awesome local light painters in Hong Kong. We shared so much together during the exhibition and have become close friends. Again, it is an absolute honor to have met all these people. And once again proved to myself that there are actually a lot more to learn from others.
Thanks to all the help from all parties, the exhibition was held successfully and I have definitely served my duty as local representative which is to promote light painting and made such wonderful art known to Hong Kong people. This is not the last event in Hong Kong, this is only the beginning.
I would like to personally, specially give thanks to Sergey Churkin, our co-found of LPWA, without his motivation, I wouldn't have stepped up to become Hong Kong's local representative and all these wouldn't have come true! I will continue to push beyond limits, put in time and efforts to try to achieve more, for myself, LPWA and the entire Light Painting Community."

Brian Zhang also took a part in this event as live show and animation artist:

Br Zhang portrait
"It was a great experience to attend “Waves of Shining Light” LPWA Hong Kong Special Exhibition.The event not only provides a platform for Hong Kong local light painters to get together creating mutual works, but also makes light painting be known by more people locally and worldwide. Apart from the photo exhibition, the photo booths and workshops also play a vital role to narrow the gap between the artists and the public.
Personally, during the whole event, I polished my light painting techniques and gained a lot of new skills from other light painters, most importantly, I made new friends in the same field. Light painting becomes our language to communicate with each other and it’s a big pleasure to “give birth to” the art works together. Anyways, looking forward to more events held by LPWA in the future."

Another Hong Kong based artist, Dio Miu is an active member of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (HKIPP):

Dio Foto site
“Actually the presentation arrangement of "light painting" in this event is not the style that I used to be, even not the style of Warren and Brian as well, I used to work out in more artistic "paint", instead of in the way of "drawing" in this event, like drawing fish, dolphin and volleyball.  But  I am very happy to meet other LPWA members in this event, like Warren, Brian, Marcel, especially after working together in 2 weeks, we become good friends“.

Chinese light painter Roy Wang made a special trip from Beijing to visit this event:
“I just think there are really cool booths and people can walk around to watch all works . And artists can make live light painting in the booth. There are so many people walk by and stopped to watch light painting works and some of them took pics. Some children just stand in front of monitors try to find out how to make it.
And there are some staffs to explain with them , that's so sweet. Best thing is I have chance to meet Local LPers in this Event.we talk a lot and share some light painting experience.”

For this event, Lichtfaktor Crew was presented by creative director Marcel Panne and light painter Daniel Lisson:

We are very grateful to our Hong Kong Representative Warren Adrien Tang for his support in managing this event. We are very thankful for Circle Comunications Ltd. for their professional project team. We have to thank to biggest Hong Kong shopping mall New Town Plaza for making this event possible. And of course we have to thanks a lot to all live artists who made this event full of joy and miracle – Lichtfaktor Crew, Warren Adrian Tang, Brian Zhang and Dio Miu!
Enjoy magnificent music by Hannu Huhtamo in official video from LPWA Hong Kong Special Event.

And see you next time in Hong Kong again :)
Best regards Sergey

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