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LPWA, Projets Prives and Embarcadère Culture Center were presenting the LPWA special event, managed to support UNESCO's International Year of Light 2015 - Exposition Lumieres in Aubervilliers, France, from 4 to 14 November. As always, we tried to combine a sort of light painting activities to perform to public different sides of our art, to involve common people to light painting world, to show them that everyone could start to paint with light by him(her)self.Please, take a look at this event by eyes of LPWA member Palateth (Belgium):

“I had the opportunity to be there for the inauguration evening, on the first day of the exhibition (4th of November), at L’Embarcadere.
Coming from Belgium, I arrived two hours before the official opening of the doors. So I had the chance to meet Franklin ROULOT, the DAZLER team, Julien Breton (Kalaam) and the members of the staff dedicated to build the event.
Everybody was busy working on the last steps before the beginning of the event : the members of DAZLER team were building their fantastic lightOmatic system, Julien Breton was doing video tests in the main auditorium for his Live performance, … I took advantage of these moments to shoot pictures of the TV screens showing the artworks. There were big Samsung Pro 55” TV screens, with a deep contrast, a very small border and a very good colorimetric tuning, so the exhibited artworks were “poping out” the screens. The exhibition hall was a nice place, with benches in front of the screens, a mezzanine for the DJ, a bar for the inauguration drink and a big new auditorium with a big scene for the Live performance. One of the TV screen was showing the official documentary about the LPWA Exhibition in Paris, 2013 (with French subtitles).

The exhibited artworks have been selected in the 4 previous LPWA exhibitions; the presented artworks were very varied, a wide pallet of styles, techniques, colours. It gave a wide overview of what light art is, and the diversity it’s offering.
At the official opening time, the audience enters the exhibition. There were groups of people watching the screens, and light painters (Jadikan, Dazler team, Juls Boo, …) were answering questions, giving explanation about how it works, the techniques, etc. The lightOmatic system was a big success, with people queuing to get a chance to enter inside and to try to make their own LP pictures. The Dazler team explained to the audience how it works and gave them LP tools and tips.
I really like the idea to offer the possibility for the audience to try to do their own light painting. The lightOmatic is a great tool for this, as the real time video system from Cisco and Will in Oviedo. People can try and see the result of their tries, it gives an idea of an open art, which is welcoming anyone.


Then the first Live Performance by Julien Breton starts in the main auditorium. Most of the audience of the exhibition were present in the auditorium to watch the show, of course. And it was very impressive. Julien’s performance was a mix of explanations about his art, how he came to the light painting (coming from the calligraphic art), how he works, what he’s trying to achieve, etc. and demonstrations of live calligraphy with light on stage. Julien is a master in his art, it’s very impressive to see him focusing a moment before starting, and then taking deep breathes before each move, doing the perfect gesture exactly at the right place. It’s a mix between Tai Chi, calligraphy, live performance and light painting.
After this first live performance, the audience went back to the exhibition hall, to watch the artworks, play with the lightOmatic, have a drink and talk. The official light painters of the event (Julien Breton, Jadikan, …) were also answering questions from reporters.

One hour later, the second Live performance of Julien Breton was starting. This time, most of the audiences were light painters. And when you have light painters in a dark room with light tools, they cannot resist playing together. :) At the end of Julien’s show, they (Julien Breton, Jadikan, Juls Boo, Stephane Baba, Dawn, Glint Eastwood, …) have started to improvised together to illustrate words chosen by the audience.


Of course, there were a lot of interesting discussions between light painters, how they see their passion, the light painting art, how they drive they way into the LP world, how they work, what techniques is used for this or that effect, … It’s my favourite part in the LPWA events: the fact to meet other light painters, to share about our passion, our ideas, our techniques, our experiences, etc. That’s so rich and intense, it gives lot of new ideas and it gives a fantastic energy. The ‘off’ part where the light painters play together at night is also a fantastic reason to go to the LPWA event, but unfortunately, I had to drive back to Belgium, I could not stay in Paris for the week-end and workshops.
I was very happy to attend to the inauguration, to watch the exhibition, to watch Julien Breton’s performance and -of course- to meet the other light painters. :)”

Our sponsors and supporters:

I’m really happy to thank to all artists, who were in person and help us to make this event unforgetable! Also thanks to all artists, who share their artworks for this event. Thank you dear Palateth for this report and brilliant photos from the event! LPWA continues working on next exhibitions, stay tuned – and see you next time! Here you can see the video from this event.

 Best regards Sergey

Felipe Ferreira
Comment by Felipe Ferreira
Congratulations guys! Good to read all this! I want to play with the LightOmatic one day! Light for us all!

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