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       Dear light friends, we proudly present the 4th LPWA exhibition, held in Paris, January 19-20. January 19 will be Opening Ceremony for UNESCO’s International Year of Light! And the venue will be UNESCO Headquarter!

       You can submit 3 of your best images for this exhibition. Please, consider your entries very carefully as we need works of ART, because (as you know) LPWA is official UNESCO Collaborating Partner for International Year of Light as artistic supporter.


1) You should be registered LPWA member with complete personal profile.

2) You have to send to the LINKS (not images!) to your 3 best artworks (such links should show the real image – better Flickr, not links for downloading, or archives and so on)

3) The Alliance will select best artworks for the exhibition, and you will receive the official agreement about conditions of your participation.

4) You have to send to those images (which will be included in your agreement) in resolution 72 dpi and size no less than 1920x1080 (or 1080x1920 – in case of vertical orientation) pixels. You can crop your image as you wish, taking in consideration that lower area of the image will be used for the event identification (approx. 130 pix tall). Of course, you can send images with higher sizes – we will crop them in better way.

5) Deadline for submissions is January 12.

       The conditions are as usual for any LPWA exhibitions. I hope, all together we can make another great boom in the modern art scene. I believe, that such an event will bring our art to the world leader’s minds.

       P.S. Bad news – entrance to the UNESCO Headquarters is limited by secure goals (airport-like), and LPWA will get a small quantity of invitations. It means – we can’t provide invitations to everyone, and before you will plan your trip, ask me if you want to be in person. We should make a hard selection based on LPWA promotional thoughts. Deadline for invitation request is December 27.

       Best regards Sergey

Mikhail Tormakov
Comment by Mikhail Tormakov
Great News =) Thanks for the info.

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