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Report by Ivan Lucio & Erasmo Daaz. Photos by Ivan Lucio, Erasmo Daaz & Julio Municio.



Erasmo Daaz (organizer and speaker )
The world body light painting exposition Madrid 2015 has a great success. As side event of the Body Art Weekend Madrid 2015, we were waiting to show to the powerfull profesional industry of make up and bodypainting and to a very qualified public inside art, also main sponsor and parnerships, how great is light painting and his different combinations.
After the event i must said that it was a great honor to me to produce this event, just to see the faces of the public and his reaction after the exposition we must produce this every year. Show to the public this new art is one of the greatest experiences i get in all my life.

One of the best things for me for sure it was the participation of the artist worldwide inside the idea of using a human body as a fundamental construction of the artworks. The quality of this works looks amazing in most of the cases and I am sure will be one of the disciplines that rules the light painting whithin short future.
The last part of this words is going to be to give thanks to all the stuff from light painting family involved inside the Project. Expecially Sergey, Ivan Lucio and Ivan Barco (Herramientas lightpainting Tools), for their support and help before and after the event. This year was great, next will be better!


Ivan Lucío (photographer lightpainting – Riders of Light )

Last 9 January 2015 I was inside the presentation of the Body art weekend Madrid 2015 that includes 3 of our fine art lightpainting works. It was amazing to meet some of the best international bodypainting artist as Mike Shane, Erasmo Daaz and Alex Hansen, that show us a live performance for the assistant public. In only 40 minutes!

We also can enjoy the world light painting exposition whith the human body as main composition. It was very excited for me to show my work and also the rest of the Works of the international artists as Hory Ma and Aurora Crowley.
I Think it was a great idea to combine those two arts together and use like portraits and fine art, using the human body as fundamental piece it was a great idea too. From this área I want to congratulate Erasmo Daaz and Gorka Arranz and the full team of La Kasa del Maquillaje to créate this event whith quality and love everywhere.

Gema Muñoz Jandra (Student workshops, right corner photo)
My experience inside the event was wonderful and amazing, it was the first time I was involved in something like this.
The body lightpainting workshop surprise me a lot of in the good way. It was my first experience inside bodypainting and was really interesting.
The combination between those arts are espectacular on the possibilities and results to work. I am a professional video operator for tv company in Spain and I think is going to work on the future for sure.
I get also some abilities in light painting área from Riders of Lights workshop too and I must said we get fun and great results.


The only negative thing is you will need too much time usually to get the better results so it is not a easy art and you need a lot of quality to get anything clear.
My feedback for all the event was wonderful and I am sure I will be next year.
Thanks and welcomes

Irene de Lucas Mejías (visitor, right on photo)

To me it was an impact to see this fine art Works from bodypainting artists. Definetly a unique thing using the human bodies as a main reaction of the piece art work.
It was amazing the alive performance too, really excited to see it alive. But for sure the best part was the exposition of body light painting, just to see this international artist, their quality and skills surprise me and impress me a lot. The combination was absolutely perfect.

This kind of art that use new media formats and contemporary arts are quite amazing to see it and also to work inside them. I am sure world must not lose this kind of art. Worlds needs more art and for sure more artist !
Congratulation for all the parts involved inside the Project it was amazing to see it and wait for the next year too!

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Thanks a lot to all LPWA participants and welcome to any next LPWA events!




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