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The Light Painting World Alliance was honoured to present top 100 works from light painters from around the world at UNESCO headquarters for the opening of the International Year of Light 2015 (19-20th January 2015). Many distinguished guests, scientists and world leadersattended the ceremony and learnt not only about the scientific and cultural significance of light but also that light is beautiful and is an important part of the creative arts and the emergence of light painting photography.


A collection of top artworks from more than 50 artists across the globe was exhibited employing LPWA’s unique display concept of using 10 LCD screen monitors to represent this modern art form in a modern way. Each monitor displayed a slide-show of ten images designed to immerse the guests in a varied and beautiful display of Light Art. Many light painters from around the world were present at the exhibition including artists from Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Morocco, USA, Finland, Russia, Belgium and also many talented French artists. The artists engaged with conference participants some of whom were keen to understand the works and how they were created or just wanted to stop and appreciate their beauty.


As usual for all LPWA exhibitions, very important part of it was personal connections between artists. I have to say, it is most important part of Alliance's activity. Exhibitions will passed through, but people's feelings will lives in our hearts :) We have a lot of formal and non-formal meetings, talkings, discussions and friendly time spendings... Unforgetable days&nights!


Top of the friendly collaboration was done in January 19, at the Palais de Tokyo. The idea was to make group portrait of artists with "Invisible Friendly Links", which in fact were visible :) And we did it due efforts of 22 artists from 12 countries! Here they are:

Creative idea: Sergey Churkin
Location supervisors: Juls Boo and Stephane Baba
jadikan (France)
Juls Boo (France)
Chanette Manso (France)
Dawn Lightgraff (France)
Wen-Jie Yang (France)
Jean-Baptiste Wallers-Bulot (France)
Dan Whitaker (UK)
Hugo Baptista (Netherlands)
Janne Parviainen (Finland)
Jenni Granqvist (Finland)
Pala Teth (Belgium)
Alfredo Alvarez (Spain)
Mirko Panzeri (Italy)
Eric Mellinger (USA)
Rob Turney (Australia)
Vincent Bruno (France)
Cisco LightPainting (Morocco)
Patrick Scherer (France)
Gildas Malassinet (France)
Maarten Takens (Netherlands)
Stephane Baba (France)
Sergey Churkin (Russia)



We are grateful to our sponsors, who supported this incredible event and made it possible:

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Welcome to see our official video from this event!


Complete list of exhibitors. Complete exhibition set: part 1 and part 2.

Thanks to all kind people who took a part in this event!

Light Is Paint. Night Is Canvas.



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