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       Next LPWA special event, dedicated to International Year Of Light, was held in Astana, Kazakhstan, 4-6 July 2015. Our firm “on-screen”  light painting exposition was a part of Astana City Celebration Day, and a part of big national “ArtFest” with theme “Future Energy: Solar Fire, Earth, Wind and Water”.
       As usual for LPWA special events, all artworks were selected by local curator from previous LPWA exhibitions, and we are honored to announce total list of participants, consisting of 60 artists from 18 countries:

ARMENIA  David Galstyan
AUSTRALIA   Rob Turney, TigTab
BELGIUM  Palateth, Jan Teunis
BRAZIL  Natalia Pires
CANADA  Patrick Rochon
CHINA  Mxing
FINLAND  Janne Parviainen, Hannu Huhtamo
FRANCE   Juls Boo, Julien Breton, Julien Versi, Chanette Manso, Diliz, Rewolf, Marko93, Nico Luz, Jester Lights, MASS Lighter, Cesium LightGraff, Jadikan, Frederic Ferreira, Vincent Bruno
GERMANY  Alex Gnezdilov, LightMark, JanLeonardo, Electrical Movements in the Dark, Joerg Miedza Photography
ITALY  Pablo Pietri
JAPAN  Trevor Williams
KAZAKHSTAN   IIya Martynov
NETHERLANDS  Jelle Schuurmans
RUSSIA  Sergey Churkin, Mikhail Tormakov, Nick Deev, Vladimir Mikhailutsa, HoryMa
SPAIN   El Nino De Las Luces, Riders Of Light
UK  Alan Jaras, James Streter, Dan Whitaker, Jon Steele, Rosetta Whitehead, Matthew Rey Treece
USA  Steven Erra, Darren Pearson, Dennis Calvert, David Schlaich, Eric Mellinger, Michael Newcomer, Brian Matthew Hart, David Hull, Laura DelPrato, Jason D. Page, Jeremy Jackson, Alex DeForest, John Hesketh

We have to thank a lot to our Kazakhstan Local Representative Ilya Martynov for perfect management of this Special Event!
City townhall provided to all art exposition best place in Astana - a whole central boulevard. Please, have a look how it was.



Exposition was accompanied by deep house music. In combination with our surrealistic artworks it was mind blowing!



As usual for LPWA Special Events, we organized master classes and live photo booth, where visitors was involved into world of light painting.


Congrats to all artists involved! 

All photos by Ilya Martynov and Astana ArtFest.

Best regards Sergey

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