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 5th LPWA worldwide exhibition was held in July 15 – 17 in Oviedo (Spain), during 2nd LightArt Congress Ciudad de Oviedo. Our great venue was again  Auditorio Palacio de Congresos Príncipe Felipe de Oviedo.  Exhibition was financed by Ayuntamiento de Oviedo in collaboration with Children Of Darklight. All images are clickable! Photos by Andres Morales, Nacho Cosio, Ramon Aser, Riders Of Light, Marcel Panne, Mass, Santiago Salinas, Jose Alberto Alvarez Lopez, Sergey Churkin.



5th LPWA exhibition present 77 artists from 18 countries with their 100 top light painting artworks. 25 artists were exhibited at first time in their life, including artists from first presented countries as Egypt and Mexico


Exhibition and especially LightArt Congress attracted more than 100 artists from all around the world, being there in person.  


Wonderful atmosphere of kind relations and friendly hugs – a lot of visitors was familiar with each others from previous LPWA events in Moscow, Paris, Dorum and Oviedo 2014. 



This LightArt Congress was much bigger, than a couple years ago, and included 16 master classes, workshops and speeches, presented by masters of our genre. 


For more details about LightArt Congress schedule please check official web site.


German creative team Lichtfaktor, most famous in light painting animation, gave excellent workshop for more than 30 participants. As result of 3,5 hours workshop – LP animation “Pandora’s Box”!


One more massive LP image “Oviedo es Luz” was done on Plaza de la Cathedral de Oviedo, directed by Alfredo Alvarez (Children Of Darklight).


34 light painters and hundred volunteers were involved. Here is resulting image:

Oviedo es Luz  

Needless to say,  most nice and important part of the event was communication between people with the same passion. You never could feel yourself better, than in touch with your light brothers and sisters :)



Impression of Mass: “Oviedo was, for me, a great event for artists who want to meet and know the work of others. Very nice and friendly, this event allowed me to meet new people and spend time with all exellents. But I think we should more involve the public with entertainment, workshops or performances. Congratulations to Frodo for all the work done for this event.”

Impression of Elemental Light: ¨For us the Oviedo experience made a huge chage in us, it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of our referents, to make some photografies with them, and to show our experience in light painting. A well organized congress, that allows everyone to share, to grow and to be part of a huge family of lightpainters¨.

Impression of Roy Wang: "Very happy to participate in this event, I met a lot of great light painter in Oviedo. It is rare to have such a chance to communicate with world-class artists. I was impressed by the Massive Work after the opening ceremony, and I think anyone who is present will fall in love with the light painting! Nowaday, more and more people kown light painting and want to learn more about it".

Impression of Chanette Manso: "When you are busy in your own corner you don’t necessarily realize whom in the light painting community you may touch, or how your work affects others until you go to an event like Light Art Congresso Oviedo 2016. As soon as I arrived, there was much joy in meeting friendly faces, many of my French colleagues and new ones from other countries. Also I was excited to see more women participating and passionate about making light works.
Speaking in a large auditorium full of light art specialists was impressive, but I felt so well received that it became delightful. The venue not only showcased my work among many other great light artists, but also allowed us to network and share in many ways.
In a smaller room, I enjoyed discovering the diversity and sensitivity of the participants in my hands-on workshop, How to make a skull illusion. Great press in the local news made things even more rewarding, along with the massive light painting in the cathedral square binding us and the public together in place and history.
The crowning ceremony was the standing diner, with lots of tapas and cider as a kick off for a night of light painting freely. Various groups of us drifted and merged into the surrounding park that was made dark especially for us.
From fireworks, to light stencils and a five meter home made light stick, I looked around thinking of fireflies in their natural habitat. I then found myself with a group of Spanish light painters, climbing a light post and reaching for the moon. These are the kind of magical moments that simply make the Congresso.
As a professional, being invited out of ones corner is essential and memorable, as peak events and experiences are key to being a part of the innovative and growing international light art community".

Impression of Palateth: " This second edition of the Congreso Internacional LightArt Ciudad de Oviedo was also my second participation of this event. 

Oviedo congress is the paradize for the light painters. Spending multiple days and nights with the light painting community is always a great pleasure, a source of inspiration and a great social activity, but when it's in Oviedo, there is an additional touch of magic involved. I don't know if it's due to the delicious weather, the peacefull and beautiful city, the Spanish warm way to socialize or the energy of the congress organizers. It's probably the mix of all these points which create this special mood.
Oviedo always gives me the feeling to be welcomed like a member of the family. Oviedo congress creates strong relationships between the attendees. It was a pleasure to meet again the people from the first edition, it was like a reunion of old friends. And, of course, this second edition was also the chance to meet new friends.
The big massive light painting with the citizens of Oviedo was a fantastic experience for me, I had never seen thousands of people having fun like kids by waving lights in a big place. Everyone was smiling, laughing, it was a great and fun sharing moment. The Unesco Year of Light logo from the first Oviedo congress edition was huge, but this time the organizers have raised the bar higher! I look forward to see what crazy idea will take place for the next edition!
The official congress was fantastic: the speeches (with "real time" translations in English and Spanish) adresse a lot of subjects and techniques and the workshops were various and very interesting. The "off" times were also the occasion to share "free style" light painting with others, and to have a lot of funny moments.
And, of course, I have to talk about the organizers, Frodo and the congress organization team. They have made a huge amount of efforts to build this event, and despite all the last minute issues to solve, they were always available, helpful, warm. They deserve a massive thanks.
I'm already in the row for the third edition!" 

Impression of Carles Calero: "The Light Painting congress hosted in Oviedo is a great and essential worldwide event to keep alive, either on a year-by-year or once every two years.

During the last edition I especially enjoyed with Hannu Huhtamo y Veronica De Benedetti speeches, as they talked about Light Painting from a different point of view, more human. Of course that I like the usual technical presentations, but I think that this approach was incredibly a smart, fresh and really needed choice.
On the other hand, the most commercial version of Lichfaktor was quite interesting for me as a demonstration that the technique can be adapted to costumer’s needs and requirements. Of course that technique is important, but costumer is the most. I really enjoyed the pathway from the very beginning (light painting as a hobby) to the great works currently done (light painting commercial photography).
About the other speakers, I really think they all did it well. All of them were a right and appropriate choose.
The workshops were perfect, in line with the general feeling of the congress, as the agenda was amazing.
The only point to be improved in next editions, from my humble point of view, would be the public assistance. The first edition was more crowdy while in this one, even when speakers and activities have been top level and at very fix price, the assistance was lower.
Sincerely I don´t know how to increase the audience because I think the congress was well promoted, so I feel very sorry about cannot provide additional ideas to improve it.
But my true feeling is that if we are not able to get an audience increase, the congress is in the way to disappear, and that would be a really, really bad news for the worldwide Light Painting community.
Finally, sorry to speak little in English. It´s a shit for me because I would like to talk much more with speakers and artists from all the other countries, making the congress a much more intense and fruitful experience for me."

Traditional closing party in la Casona de la Montana, better place on the open air for such event!


We have to thank to all our great sponsors and supporters: 



Finally, 5th LPWA worldwide exhibition and 2nd International LightArt Congress became next great event on the way of spreading light painting art form.  Please, look at our official video report about this event.

More photos from the event in FB album by Riders Of Light.
My best wishes and huge thanks to LightArt Congress Team (Alfredo Alvarez, Rakel Lana, Marta Rodriguez) and Beat Films (Ramon Aser and Jose Alberto Alvarez Lopez)! My greatest respect to all artist, exhibited in our exhibition, and to all being in person!
See you soon on next LPWA events. Stay tuned :)

Best regards Sergey

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