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                       Photos by Anton Bondarchuk, Mafu Fuma, Monika Sandel, Julia Tikhomirova, Sabine Schlossmacher, Svetlana Ershova. All images are clickable.

LPWA Moscow Meet-up 2017 was held in the heart of Russia, 3-4 June.
Initial idea was to work in worldwide recognized Moscow’s locations, like Red Square surroundings, using traditional Russian art. After Facebook discussions, we selected two of them – khokhloma patterns and matreshka dolls.
2 months was spend for getting official permissions for night shooting in the very special areas, guarded by government security service. Local guys came from different cities, some far away driving by car from Moscow in 4 hours.


From left to right: Anton Bondarchuk, Julia Bondarchuk, Maria Ermakova, Julia Tsareva, Xenija Korotcenko, Nikolay Trebukhin, Sergey Churkin, Svetlana Ershova, Ilya Ershov, Monika Sandel, Mafu Fuma, Sabine Schlossmacher and Julia Tikhomirova

We built special tools for matreshka project, using rack hanger as base and LED strip, alighned to plastic shape (in accordance with matreshka’s shape). Simple rotation  gave us almost ideal matreshka’s fugures. We used different color filters, wrapped around LED stripe, for getting colored matreshka’s body.


First idea for face was to draw by light over white mask, trying to get any emotions… but after Friday’s tests (matreshka’s faces looked not nice), we changed it to another method. We painted masks with black color, and our dolls has got stencil’s faces.


Saturday evening we started to collect all the group in cafe, inside GUM (main country’s shopping mall). Russian and German light painters seat down all together, having a meal, talking and waiting for darkness. This night continued with matreshka project under Kremlin walls, on the border of Red Square and St.Basil Cathedral.  As usual, we spend a couple hours for test shooting and searching for better POVs. Finally, we executed two images for matreshka project.

matras1        matras2

Credits for Matreshka project:
Creative idea & original design: Sergey Churkin
Tool management: Nikolay Trebukhin, Anton Bondarchuk, Yasen Gerasimenko and Sergey Churkin (all Russia)
Camera control: Monika Sandel and Sabine Schlossmacher (both Germany)
Creative & technical support: Svetlana Ershova, Ilya Ershov, Julia Tikhomirova, Anton Bondarchuk, Andy Golov (all Russia) and Mafu Fuma (Germany)
Execution: Nikolay Trebukhin, Anton Bondarchuk, Andy Golov and Sergey Churkin (all Russia)
Volunteers: Xenija Korotchenko (Germany), Julia Tsareva, Maria Ermakova, Anastasia Kolesnikova (all Russia)

Next night brought disappointment. I overestimated the possibilities of Olympus Live Composite mode, while selecting locations for khokhloma project. We discovered, that city light pollution is bright too much for getting good results with painting by khokhloma tools. So sad, that unique idea with khokhloma patterns was unreleased! After this shock, we continued to work freestyle near Bolshoi Theatre. This lesson brought to me some special thoughts for regular LPWA Meet-ups Rules & Conditions, which will be activated this summer.



Credits for freestyle light paintings near Bolshoi Theatre:
Creative idea: Nikolay Trebukhin
Camera control: Monika Sandel
Tools management: Mafu Fuma and Sergey Churkin
Light painters: Nikolay Trebukhin, Julia Tikhomirova and Sergey Churkin



Credits for light painting image “Dancers of Bolshoi Theatre”:
Creative idea and light painting Monika Sandel. Camera control Sergey Churkin. Models Victoria Gurvich and Sergey Gorin. With support by Mafu Fuma, Nikolay Trebukhin and assistance by Igor Lizyakin.



Credits for  light painting image “Russian Beauty”:
Creative idea: Monika Sandel and Mafu Fuma. Light painting Monika Sandel. Camera control Mafu Fuma. Model Xenija Korotcenko. Traditional russian suit by Mafu Fuma and Xenija Korotcenko, with support from Svetlana Ershova.


In total, Moscow meet-up was important for local guys, who met each other first time. We met our German friends, and this meet-up definitely give us drive for next LPWA Russian activities. More photos from the event on dedicated Facebook album.

     LPWA Moscow Team is:
Nikolay Trebukhin (Russia)
Anton Bondarchuk (Russia)
Julia Bondarchuk (Russia)
Julia Tikhomirova (Russia)
Monika Sandel (Germany)
Mafu Fuma (Germany)
Xenija Korotcenko (Germany)
Sabine Schlossmacher (Germany)
Sergey Churkin (Russia)
Andy Golov  (Russia)
Nick Deev (Russia)
Ilya Ershov (Russia)
Svetlana Ershova (Russia)
Igor Lizyakin (Russia)
    Volunteers: Anastasia Kolesnikova, Julia Tsareva, Maria Ermakova (all Russia).

Monika Sandel impression:

„I’ve travelled to moscow with a few ideas in my head. One of my ideas was a ballerina in front of the bolschoi theater. Sergey was very helpful and organize a couple of dancers for me. What I have not expected was that all selected spots were very bright and difficult for light painting. I had no chance to use my Canon and so I only could take the pictures with my olympus. The results were not perfect like it should be. Normally I only want to make silouhettes. The amibilight was very bright and felt on my models so they are all a little bit blurred because of the movement. This wasnt’t planned, but in the end I like them. The atmosphere in front of this historical buildings is incredible.   Moscow has the most beautiful Metro stations and the most beautiful Basilius-Kathedrale I’ve ever seen. I could use the whole day sitting in front of that building and stare on it :D     So in fact Moscow is a bright and never sleeping city. I like the people very much. All are very friendly and very helpfully. So I hope I can come back to this city with a better preparation for this light situation. At the end a very special thank goes to my models Julia Tikhomirova, Victoria Gurevich and Sergey Gorin and Xenija Korotcenko. Also I have to thank Mafu and Sergey for camera control and the team with us. Without you I’d be nothing"

Andy Golov impression:

“I want once again say thank to whom who organized the first Russian meeting of LPWA members in Moscow! It's hard to overestimate its significance - we finally got to know each other and even tried to work together. This is the moment when you realize that there are other people who like to draw with light. This is a new portion of inspiration and energy for creativity. This is the experience of other lightpainters, which need to be learned from hand to hand. In the end, it's just nice people and a great mood. All this was LPWA Moscow Meet'up 2017, and I'm glad that I was part of it!”


This event was 1st time when LPWA collaborated with Olympus Russia, who gave us 2 cool lenses, which made possible matreshka images because of wide angle for shooting in this location. Thanks a lot to Olympus Russia for this possibility!

I have to thank to everyone who was  there for their patience, support and talent. My special thanks to our guests Mafu Fuma and Xenija for their persistence, to Sabine Schlossmacher for her courage, and to Monika Sandel for her creativity. My best wishes to Nikolay Trebukhin and Anton Bondarchuk for great support in all meet-up’s  thoughts. Thanks a lot to Julia Tikhomirova, Svetlana Ershova & Igor Ershov.  Very special thank to Yasen Gerasimenko for his countless engineering support.

Official video is here.

Best regards Sergey

putu toni
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wow i love this!

Nikolay Trebukhin
Comment by Nikolay Trebukhin
Many thanks to all who helped and participated. I am glad to new acquaintances and cooperation.

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