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We are very glad to introduce to you 3rd edition of world's finest Oviedo Grand Contest 2017!
Traditionally, this contest is managed by Children of Darklight/LPWA and financed by Oviedo City Townhall.
This year sponsors and supporters are: Herramientas Lightpainting, Olympus, Fenix,, Nubia, Vanguard.

Welcome to meet our winners and finalists! All images are clickable.
Enjoy this master's artworks, selected by LPWA Jury (Darren Pearson, Eric Mellinger, Brian Hart, Janne Parviainen, Roy Wang, Sergey Churkin, Mart Barras, Chris Searle and Tim Gamble). My personal thanks and huge hugs for every one from Jury for their hard and important work!

Main Jury of Contest consist of:
President: Economy and Employment councilor Rubén Rosón
The president of Children of Darklight association Alfredo Álvarez (Oviedo, Spain)
CEO from Herramientas Lightpainting: Iván Barco Angelina (Spain)
CEO from Lightpaintingbrushes: Jason Page (USA)
Olympus Professional Project Manager: Martín García (Spain)
Secretary:  A technic from Tourism & Congresses Council or delegated person.


1st prize goes to Chris Thompson (UK)


Feedback from Chris: "My winning shot was inspired by a visit to a Cirque du Soleil performance; I’m not usually a big fan of circus but I was dragged along to see Alegria at the Royal Albert Hall in London and was amazed and inspired by the lighting and atmosphere they created.
My workflow for my shot was to use two lenses and two tripods and work out the exposure times and lighting for each element.  I used a fisheye lens for the central figure and the trees in an unusual woodland full of sessile oak trees which are gnarly and twisted by the Peak District weather.  The Sony Zeiss 16-35 was used to make the nebula and eye part of the shot.   Once I had rehearsed the two main elements, I then started the exposure with the nebula and eye, then it’s lights off, swap lenses to the fisheye and swap tripods to the central figure and trees.  The whole shot was created in one photographic exposure.  With the rehearsal for each element, it’s possible to nail these kinds of images the first time as I did with this one!
Although he is only stood like a mannequin in this shot, I would like to particularly thank Tim Gamble for the help and assistance with some of my light painting shots over the years.  We have collaborated quite a few times and we’ve stood in freezing rivers waving lights in the dark, half froze to death on a windy mountain and sustained many injuries falling over in the night!  Sounds crazy but we’ve had a good laugh, thanks pal!
Thanks once again for the honour of winning the competition and my sincere congratulations to all the winning entries and finalists!" 

2nd prize goes to Jason Rinehart (USA)


Feedback from Jason: "My favorite part about light painting as an art form is how I get to express my creativity or how I envision something to be. There is all this beauty around us daily that most people never see, but through light painting I'm able to create this free formed beauty whether around something ordinary that most would never see that way or by creating some sort of magical mystery leaving the viewer of a created image engaged and captured within my mind.
Light painting is not just waving lights around. For me its this calculated form of timed precision through a dark canvas. My camera and light sources are nothing merely but objects helping me record light like a paint brush to a canvas, its a beautiful madness.
I sometimes sit back and think that something as simple as playing around with a cell phone as a light painting light source one day with my camera many years ago would captivate me so much to what it has become now. My image selected here tells that story about my journey. It shows you that space where once stood that black canvas and now from my mind I share with you, light that isn't in any way just random but calculated. This madness is important to me. Not for recantation or reward but to show how vulnerable one can be when faced with this need to share his passion.
I am truly thankful for being selected by my peers around the world as a nominee and further more thankful for having my image selected within the winners circle. I thank you very much for such a opportunity and look forward seeing what the future holds for this wonderful world that is light painting. I dont want to just be a voice within it but make my mark within its history."

3rd prize goes to Gareth Nathan (Ireland)


Feedback from Gareth: "If i have a theme that I follow its around the subterranean eco system! Being an occasional scuba diver I’m heavily inspired to create light art images of sea creatures and underwater scenes - in particular i’m obsessed with bioluminescence (creatures that light paint!). This little hawksbill turtle came home from the Cayman Islands with me and sat on a shelf until i had figured out how to get him to appear underwater without looking too flat and stencil-like. The trick to the depth I wanted was placing the turtle on a frosted sheet of glass and with a single light painting tool - a fibre optic brush cycling through colours brushing the glass. A simple brush over the top surface of the turtle and a brush under the glass looking up and the misty, bioluminescent water effect was created. For a change it only took about 10 attempts to get the water flowing as I had pictured, and even more shocking was an exposure of less than 20 secs (i didn’t realise my camera shot that short an exposure!)
This has been a personal favourite of mine of recent but looking at the other submissions i’m blown away to reach the finalists let alone a prize winner - Chris and Jason, I’m honoured to be listed with your two amazing pieces.
Serious kudos to Frodo & DKL, Sergey, the judges and all involved - contests like these in the LP community encourage light artists to go above and beyond and to go out and produce something better than they have done before - constantly pushing boundaries and challenging our creative abilities. Thank you."


Oviedo Special Prize (Best Image) goes to Eduardo Cajigal (Spain)



Oviedo Special Prize (Best Series) goes to Luis Medina Lafuente (Spain)



Next artworks are our finalists, their descriptions will appear as soon as authors will send it to us. Enjoy!

Blas delAmo

Feedback from Blas Del Amo Borras: "This kind of picture is always a picture made by a group, of friends, of fun, of sharing a night and laughs... Esteve Argelich proposed us to got to Monegros too see a sky with no contamination... So Carlos Calero (i will always be so grateful to have found him) took his van and together with Monica S (the beautiful and charming model) made 200 KM. to go to Tozales, in Huesca from Barcelona... More than 3 hours by car... But seeing the landscapes, the sky, the Via Lacteal... was worth it. Monica and his beautiful red dress, Carles and his perfect illumination, me and my camera Canon 750D, a Samyang borrowed, 30 seconds of exposition f/2.8 and ISO 1600 make the magic show in our cameras and always keep in our retina. And finally the edition of the picture with the help of my friend Ramon Perez... so as you can see this picture is from a group, even if it was me who shot it."



Feedback from Macfalaight: "My name is Fabian Michel. I’m from Belgium and i’m 46. I’ve been doing light for 5 years.
I work a lot in fairly small spaces and this light was made in my room.
I used aluminium foil and I surrounded my lens with. So as to obtain a sort of crown. Like a lens sunshade.
This give the red reflections around my graf.
For my graf, I use  a bar with 10 white leds and a filter « Bright Pink 128 » by Eurofilter.
I also use a small white led with a filter « Deep Amber 104 » for gold color lines.
I’am about two and fifty meters from the lens foe my graf.
Informations about shooting :
Nikon D7100 – Tamron Lens VR 18/270
18mm – f/18 – 81.9 sec – Iso100 -
The name of this photo is Amber Pink"


Feedback from MASS: "The idea was to succeed in drawing objects, animals and other forms using the calligraphic forms with which I have been working for some time.
This creation represents a boat evoking on the water. I thought on paper avnvant to work it in studio. I used two calligraphic lamps that I made to draw the boat, a little neon for the sky and led to make the sea and the stars. Congratulations to the winners, we will try to do better next year."

diliz    Ivan Lucio

Leroux   Mafu Fuma  


sketchlight    Ireson


Zetta      Javier Garcia Alvarez

Feedback from JAVIER GARCIA ALVAREZ: "My partner of Light Hunters Loren Rovira and I stayed to do an impromptu session in a ruined castle in Tarragona. I already knew it, since I do not live very far from there. Shortly before arriving at the castle, we came across this tree and decided to make a photo there before we left.
The fact is that we were alone Loren and I, we took some snacks to have dinner there and well ... Our sandwiches were eaten by the ants. So I called my wife, Rebekah, who was in a nearby town having dinner with our friend Susi and asked them to bring us something to eat.
Susi had been asking us for a few lightpainting photos to teach friends, so they showed up there with dinner and sui with a few dresses.
We did several photos in the tree and before we left Susi asked us to like one on the tree, so we helped her up and we set out to make one last photo.
The photo we made with an olympus m5 mkii in live composite mode.
The illumination of the cold tree, with a led lenser x21r, and lighting model and tree with a warm xenolite flashlight. We chose to use warm lightings in natural environments because we believe that the wood of the trees and the green areas will stand out more textures.
About 4 minutes of photo.This is the story of our photo, it was a rather fun night."


Iris Shyroii



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